DMX Winches

Our DMX winches are great for vertical movements of your stage props. We have a large selection of winches with different specifications to make sure that we have a solution for any project, you are going to implement in your stage setup. So, whether you want to lift light weight, heavy weight as well as any electrical elements, you can be sure to find a solution within the range of our DMX winches. See the selection below and find a winch your needs.

Specifications to consider

Lifting capacity

Lifting height

Lifting speed

Electric cable or wire?

  • Winch 1
    A very fast and small winch for moving light weight stage items.
    800,00 €
  • Winch 5
    The Winch 5 is a small wire winch for dynamic movements of minor stage objects.
    900,00 €
  • Winch 10
    Create effective movements for your stage objects. Easy control and programming.
    900,00 €
  • Winch 10 Cable
    DMX winch with power and DMX control in the lifting cable.
    1.450,00 €
  • Winch 25
    Self-contained Winch 25 with DMX control, great for lifting purposes in all kinds of stage venues.
    2.800,00 €
  • Winch 25 Curtain
    25 kg lifting capacity with 0-fleet. Great for lifting large curtains or mediums sized stage elements.
    2.450,00 €
  • Winch 25 Double
    For extra stability of the equipment being lifted, the Winch 25 Double is built with two wires.
    3.400,00 €
  • Winch 50
    The Winch 50 is a compact yet very powerful DMX controlled stage winch.
    3.900,00 €
  • Winch 50 Double
    A double-wire stage winch for heavy rigging. Lift up to 50 kg in and out of the stage area.
    5.200,00 €
  • Winch 50 Double + Power and Cat5
    Lift heavy objects and control while lifting thanks to integrated Cat5 cable.
    6.950,00 €

Many possibilities with our DMX Winches

There are several opportunities of ways to use our DMX winches in your scene design. You can reach any motion effect you are looking for. We can both provide light fixture winch system with a fast, mini winch motor. This way you can quickly lift and lower small stage props of any kind. Our automated winches are easy to install and can by DMX be programmed via the lighting desk. Take a look at our Winch 1 or Winch 5. If you need to lift and power electrical equipment our Winch 10 Cable is a great solution.

If you need to lift heavier stage props, we have also solutions for that. In this case we suggest looking at our Winch 25 or Winch 50. These winches can lift up to 25 and 50 kilos respectively.

DMX Winch Motor

The great advantage by our DMX winches is the DMX control. All our winches are controlled via DMX which makes the installation and programming very easy. You can program and que all movements and positions at the lighting desk. It is easy to create the motion effects, you want.

This way it is the winches are fully automated, and you can operate them using only the lighting desk and a DMX signal. It is thus perfect as a theatrical winch, for concerts, touring or any stage performance show that needs to achieve a spectacular stage design with beautiful automated vertical motion effects.

Create a beautiful stage design with DMX lighting hoist

The stage design is essential for any stage performance, because it is the deciding factor in creating the right mood and atmosphere for the show. The application of our DMX Winches varies, and you can use them e.g. as a lighting hoist for moving lights on stage.

You can thus achieve beautiful light effects with fully automated motion by the winches. The electrical wire included in some of the winches, makes smooth lifting of electrical equipment such as lamps, screens etc.

DMX hoist

It is also possible to lift other stage props for moving elements on stage. The different DMX motors in the winches secures that you can make the effect you are looking for.

By implementing our DMX hoists in your stage design, you can lift in different speed and angles. This way the stage props are moving exactly as you want, whenever you want. You can lift individually using one winch with a single lifting point. Or you can apply several winches for larger stage equipment you want to create an effect for.

Stage Winch or Kinetic Winch

Our winches have for decades been very popular among theatres, concert venues and other stage performance venues all over the world. Therefore, the application as such has also been widely implemented for these different occasions.

It is great for fully automating your scene design, so you can move any stage props. It is also possible to lift stage lights at the lighting desk by one of our electric cable winches. The integrated data cable secures the possibility to automate the motion effects, so you can create the show you want to achieve.

Chandelier Winch

As outlined above, you can apply our DMX Winches for many occasions and an example is mounting chandelier to a winch. These are often very big and har to handle.

However, our winches have all the necessary equipment for an easy handling of the chandelier. Both in terms of lifting capacity as well as being able to power the chandelier with an integrated electric wire in the winch. Our Winch 25 Double is perfect to do this.

You can easily apply the winches as retractable chandelier lift to vertically move the chandelier, without the need of demounting it. The handling is much easier by using an electric winch for chandelier. If you want to rotate the chandelier it is also possible to combine the vertical movements with one of our DMX Rotators.

Chandelier lift motor

The DMX motor in the winches are as mentioned perfect for lifting chandeliers of any size. There are many possibilities for you to achieve the right effect but the motors within the DMX winches are perfect as chandelier lift motors for a fully integrated solution that avoids any personal handling of the heavy items after installation.

You can control all our winches directly from the lighting desk. At the same time the motor makes sure to meet all the prerequisites for lifting your chandelier, because the range of DMX hoists includes motors suited for lifting both light weight items and heavy weight stage elements.

Special projects

If you aren’t our winches can solve your project, then please contact us with your request. We have several years of experience in the industry.

We know not any stage and light design projects are alike. You get specific solutions to achieve the right motion effects on stage with our DMX winches, and we will gladly assist to make your project succeed.

Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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