We are constantly developing new products as well as improving the existing range of Motors and Accessories for your stage equipment and lighting. This has resulted in several products which you can apply in your scenic design in different ways. We also have different accessories for the products we offer. This way you can enjoy all the features of our products without worrying about the functionality. Look at the products below and see how they can be utilized for your scenic elements.

Specifications to consider



Motor control

  • Remote Controlled Platform, Standard Wheels
    Easy movements and controlling your stage props around your stage.
    2.750,00 €
  • Remote Controlled Platform, Off-road wheels
    Easy movements and controlling your stage props around your stage.
    2.750,00 €
  • Remote Controlled Platform, Xtra Off-road wheels
    Easy movements and controlling your stage props around your stage.
    3.800,00 €
  • Remote Controlled Platform Accessories
    Remote Controlled Platform Accessories
    50,00 - 1.150,00 €
  • DMX Clockwork
    Unique DMX Controlled Watch
    3.000,00 €
  • AC Motor Controller 550 W
    The AC Motor Controller (550 W) is an advanced tool for controlling mechanical movements.
    1.200,00 €
  • AC Motor Controller 3000 W
    The AC Motor Controller (3000 W) is an advanced tool for controlling mechanical movements.
    2.050,00 €
  • DC Motor Controller
    Advanced controlling of your mechanical movements of stage props.
    550,00 €
  • Lifting Column
    Vertically lift stage equipment for elevating effects.
    1.200,00 €
  • DC Motor 110 RPM
    Control your stage props and motorize the objects.
    95,00 €
  • DC Motor 60 RPM
    Control your stage props and motorize the objects.
    95,00 €
  • DMX Motor Unit
    Create and automate movements of your stage props by including our DMX Motor Unit for your stage.
    825,00 €
  • Actuator 40 mm/s, 20 kg
    Fast and effective linear movements of your stage props. Stroke of 100 mm.
    225,00 €
  • Actuator 27 mm/s, 30 kg
    Create and control fast linear movements of your stage equipment. Stroke: 100 mm
    225,00 €
  • Actuator 14 mm/s, 75 kg
    Move your stage objects with this actuator that has a stroke of 100 mm
    225,00 €
  • Actuator 48 mm/s, 100 kg
    Linear movements of any objects. Stroke up to 400 mm.
    1.000,00 - 1.100,00 €
  • Actuator 13 mm/s, 300 kg
    Move stage props up to 400 mm stroke length with this Actuator.
    1.000,00 - 1.100,00 €

We are innovators and inventors by heart and always seek ways how to improve both our existing products but also new ways to automate and motorize effects for your stage props. In this category you find products that has been developed and successfully used on stage by theatres and venues world-wide.

Our Remote Controlled Platform is very flexible where you can control and move elements on stage of any size. We have seen examples of beds, sofas or human beings on the platform. The large load capacity makes the possibilities endless, and the wireless controller automates the process of controlling it from anywhere within its range.

We are always innovating and inventing. You can always contact us if you have specific ideas for your projects for automating or motorizing any stage objects.

DMX stage equipment and lighting

We specialize in delivering DMX controlled stage equipment and lighting supplies to create automated and motorized moving effects for your stage props. With our products you get full flexibility in the sense that you can use your existing products and combine it with ours to make fully DMX automated movements on stage.

In the past, our products have frequently been used to create e.g. beautiful lighting designs. This has been applied in smaller scene setups as well as large scale projects such as the European Song Contest in 2015, or Drake’s Boy Meets World tour. Several of our Wahlberg Winches were used in these projects in the lighting designs to create beautiful moving light elements.

Lifting column – Perfect for DMX LED Lights

An example of a product to be included in your stage equipment and lighting design, take a look at our Lifting Column. When talking about lighting design and DMX stage lighting this is a great tool for creating an elevating light effect with e.g. a moving head on top. The DMX control makes sure that you can control speed and positions directly from the lighting desk. Everything is automated. You can use this product (as all of our other products) just the way you want to.

It is not only applicable in lighting design, but the Lifting Column can be used to also lift other scenic elements, specifically of your own choice.

We have motors that can solve any case regarding stage equipment and lighting supplies. It is completely up to you, how your project looks like and the motion effect you want to achieve.

Stage Supplies

The requirements for stage supplies varies a lot depending on which type of company you are representing. Common for all however is, that the stage equipment and lighting supplies need to represent a broad variety of opportunities. Only by this variety in the stage equipment you are able to carry out the designs required for developing the shows as well as attracting the audience.

Our motors and accessories for your stage equipment and lighting is an addition to your setup. You can reach new levels of scene designs with brand new motion effects on stage. Everything automated and controlled via DMX, so you can create all the movements from the lighting desk.

DMX Motors

Control all Wahlberg products, motors and accessories via DMX. The great advantage of this is that you have full control over all movements, speed, positions etc. You can do this at the lighting desk, so you gain absolute minimal handling.

Furthermore, you can pre-program and que the desired motions of the motors and accessories, so you only need to push a button to put the preferred equipment in motion during a show. You can apply our motors and accessories in different ways. It depends on your situation and the project you are going to execute. If it is a temporary setup, and you only need the stage equipment and lighting for a period, you can also hire the products. More on that below.

Stage equipment hire

A great solution if you have a temporary stage setup, is the possibility to rent the stage equipment and lighting at a lower price than buying it. With this solution you get to enjoy all the features of the products during the time of the show. When the show is over, and you don’t need the products anymore you simply return the equipment back to our facility.

We are available during the process to answer any questions regarding the equipment. If you encounter questions about features and functionality, we can assist. We are available, to guide you through, to make a successful stage setup.


At Wahlberg, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand the frustration of having a product that isn't working as it should and don't believe in discarding a perfectly good product just because one part isn't functioning properly. That’s why we offer spare parts for all our products. So, whether you choose to send in your Wahlberg product for professional servicing or prefer DIY repairs, we're here to help. Just download our Exploded View drawings for guidance, and you'll have your product fixed in no time!

Contact us at if you can’t find the needed spare part on our website.

Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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