Track Systems

Moving lights or other stage props is an important feature in most stage productions. With our Track Systems, you can fully automate moving effects and make great visual effects. You can move all sorts of object both horizontally and vertically and control the movements directly from the lighting desk via DMX.

Specifications to consider

Pushing & Lifting capacity

Track type


Track length

  • Manipulator
    Linear guided rail system with unique combination of movement and stability - zipping your stage element up and down.
    3.300,00 - 4.500,00 €
  • Track Runner for Joker95
    Create automated horizontal movements with extremely high precision with our Track Runner for Joker95 with Friction wheel.
    2.300,00 €
  • Track Runner with Cogwheel
    Create automated horizontal movements with extremely high precision with our Track Runner with Cogwheel.
    2.300,00 €
  • Track Runner with Friction Wheel
    Our Track Runner with Friction Wheel is the tour friendly solution with quick setup and dismantle.
    2.500,00 €
  • Track Profile
    Track without power. Compatible Track Runner with Friction Wheel, and requires cable runners for the power cable.
    150,00 - 900,00 €
  • Track Profile with Conductor Rail
    Intergrated power in the rail. Compatible with the Track Runner with Friction Wheel.
    330,00 - 1.980,00 €
  • Track Profile with Tooth Rack
    Track with toothed rack for higher precision. Compatible with Track Runner with Cog wheel
    270,00 - 1.620,00 €
  • Track Profile with Tooth Rack and Conductor Rail
    Intergrated power in the rail and toothed rack for high precision. Compatible with Track Runner with Cog wheel
    440,00 - 2.640,00 €
  • Track Profile External power
    External power Intergrated in the rail. Compatible with the Track Runner with Friction Wheel.
    450,00 - 2.700,00 €
  • Rotracktor
    With the Rotracktor you can make beautiful moving effects for your most heavy objects. Perfect for both rotating and horizontal movement of LED-Screens
    6.000,00 €
  • Passive Runner
    Increase the load capabilities of the Track Runner by adding Passive Runners to your setup.
    500,00 €
  • Passive Runner - Heavy Duty
    Increase the load capabilities of the Track Runner by adding Passive Runners to your setup.
    900,00 €
  • Lifting Column
    Vertically lift stage equipment for elevating effects.
    1.200,00 €
  • Cable Runner
    Easy cable management with a 4-wheel cable runner for festoon cable.
    55,00 €
  • Wireless DMX Transmitter
    Control your stage props cordlessly directly from the lighting desk.
    350,00 €
  • Track Alignment Tool
    A spare part for our Tooth Rack Track Profiles, so all your pieces of track can be fitted.
    155,00 €
  • Slim Coupler Bracket
    Quick and easy mount products to truss, tube etc.
    60,00 €
  • End Cover set
    Protect the ends of your electrical rails from any hazards.
    40,00 €
  • End Stop Set
    The End Stop Set is a standard spare part for our Track System.
    90,00 €
  • Connection Bracket
    Connect your track pieces to achieve any length of track you need.
    20,00 €
  • Mega Track Runner
    Moving heavy objects both vertically and horizontally. The strongest runner in our portofolio.
    5.200,00 €

It is possible to create great visual moving effects by using our Track Systems in your stage design and stage lighting. The systems are very flexible, so you can include them in many different settings. It is possible to mount all sorts of stage props on the track, mounting lamps is of course the most common one.

It is thus the perfect DMX lighting setup, fully automated. You can control all movements of the track runners on the track from the lighting desk.

It is also possible to have several Track Runners (Cogwheel or Friction Wheel) running on the same track. So, you can create moving visual effects for multiple stage props at the same time in the exact direction and positions you want them to be in.

Track Systems for Intelligent Lighting

The great advantage of the Track Systems is the flexibility of the system. Install it to fit almost any stage set-up with the need to create moving stage props or lights. Create intelligent stage lighting by implementing Track Systems in your basic scene design.

Mount your lights or lamps directly on the track and make horizontal movements. You can also combine it with for example a Winch, Mini Roll Down or Rotator in order to combine several sorts of movement. Develop a special creative stage lighting that fits exactly your visions for the project you are working on.

The track systems from Wahlberg have been included in various set ups from commercial fairs to concerts and theatres world-wide.

Curved Track

If you have a circular stage design, it is possible to get a Track Systems from Wahlberg with curved track. This way you can make your scenic elements move in directions round and round.

The movements and positions of the Track Runners are  programmed at the lighting desk. This is great way of designing or supplementing the existing on-stage lighting  making moving light effects with our Track Systems.

There are several options in which you can mount the equipment you like. So, whether it is a heavy or light weight item, large or small props, we have the solution to help you create moving effects.

The systems are controlled via DMX, making them a very intelligent solution.  You can program any position and movement within the specifications of the product. This makes the track systems perfect for integration in your lighting design.

Theatre Lighting Equipment

One of the many ways the Track Systems have been used is in the stage design in theatres. The theatrical lighting equipment requirements varies a lot according to the show performed. The Track Systems are perfect for accommodating the different requirements from the changing set ups, because of the flexibility of the system.

It is easy to install and set up for one set up. However, if the track systems needs to be changed or set up differently, it is also easy to redesign and set up differently according to new requirements for example for a new show.

This applies both to the physical installation of the track as well as the system behind to program and making the movements and positions right. With our Track Runner Upright you can make vertical effects for your stage objects and with the Track Runner you can make horizontal effects for your stage equipment or lights.

DMX Lighting System

The DMX lighting system supports the flexibility of the Track Systems. By this protocol you can program the stage lighting system so it fit your needs. This way you can fully control the DMX system and apply it for your specific needs as a concert lighting system.

We can customize the track for the dimensions you require, because the tracks are build to be connected in different ways. If you are a touring company, we can manufacture the track system, so it as a portable stage lighting system. the dmx tracksystem is suitable for packing in touring trucks, Just let us know what your tracks are for and we will deliver the right solution.

Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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