DMX Clockwork

Unique DMX Controlled Watch

The DMX Clockwork is an advanced mechanical clockwork for the stage and other performance spaces.

Direction, speed and position are controlled from the lighting desk.

With simple programming the movement and timing of the clock will fit perfectly to your show. 
Each clock hand has its own motor, with individual control channels, thereby movement is endless - Eg. one clock hand can run forward, while the other runs backwards. 
Position is controlled by a 16 bit position channel, the position value choses what "time" you want to stop at.
The movement speed is also controlled by a DMX channel. 

With simple programming the movement and timing of the clock will fit perfectly to your show. 
Choose from different sets of clock hands; antique, modern or neutral style- and make your clock work precise and for dramatic effect on stage.

We provide 3 different choices of clock hands, they are each of them available in two sizes. 
Alternatively you can design your own clock hands and attach them to the shaft of the clockwork motor. 

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The content of the DMX Clockwork package

1 x DMX Clockwork

1 x Neutrik PowerCon NAC3FX-W female plug for power cable

2 x Mounting flange for prototyping you own clock hands

1 x User manual

1 x Cheat sheet

2 x Clock Hands - small - medium or large - please chose in the dropbox

Technical Details

Model DMX Clockwork
Item no .295
Dimensions 310 x 340 x 184 mm ( 12,20 x 13,39 x 7,24 in )
Power supply 100-240 V AC 50 Hz/60Hz
Power consumption max 150 Watt
Power In/out Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 NAC3PX-(-TOP) male & female
DMX controlled signal DMX 512
DMX IN/OUT 5 pole XLR male & female
Rotation speed minimum 6,82 s/round
Rotation speed maximum 300 s/round
Weight (without clockhands) 11,5 KG
Ambient temperature 0-40 C ( 32-140 F )
Mounting 8 x Ø9/0,33 in holes


Type Name
pdf 295.806.001_DMX_Clockwork_cheat_sheet Download
pdf 295.0804.03_Datasheet Download


Danish National Theatre 2020

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Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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