Track Profile with Tooth Rack (1 m)

Track with toothed rack for higher precision. Compatible with Track Runner with Cog wheel

Length: 1-6 m (3.28-19.69 ft)
Curved track: Yes, min. 2 m (6.56 ft) radius

Mount your stage objects to the Track Runner and make your objects move along the track.

You can make linear as well as curved horizontal (min. 1,9 m radius) moving effects for your stage design.

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The Tooth Rack Track Profile is designed for the Track Runner with Cogwheel to carry any stage items along the track.

You can choose any length of track pieces between 1-6 m that fit the installation you are designing. You can connect the tracks together to increase the length and reach any track length you want.

It is a very flexible solution and can be fitted to meet any criteria of the environment where the Track System is set up.

If you want to move electrical equipment this is also possible. You can use the Cable Runners and make your electrical equipment like lamps move along the track.

Great to create further movements for your lighting design and increases your possibilities to work with the track profile in many different areas.

Tooth Rack Track Profile – Easy and precise moving effects

The Tooth Rack Track Profile comes with (as the name says) with tooth rack and thus compatible with our Track Runner with Cogwheel. The advantage of this is that it is very precise, and you can control movement and positions down to the millimeter.

We also have other track types to offer:

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Track Suspension intervals

Point Load Point Load Point Load Uniformly Distributed Uniformly Distributed Uniformly Distributed
1m centres 2m centres 3m centres 1m centres 2m centres 3m centres
535kg 265kg 170kg 1070kg 530kg 340kg

The content of the Track Profile with Tooth Rack (1 m) package

Technical Details

Item number 342
Length 1-6 m (3.28-19.69 ft)
Curved track Yes, min. 2 m (6.56 ft) radius
Mounting clamp Minimum 2 x Slim eye coupler 42-52 mm (2 in)
Track safety factor >5
Weight 5 kg/m (11.1 lb/m)
Dimensions 1000-6000 x 51 x 100 mm (39.4-236.2 x 2 x 3.9 in)


Type Name

DMX Compatible


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