DMX Projector Shutters

Our DMX Projector Shutters can shut the light out from the projector and make the room completely dark within seconds. If you ever encountered the problem of changing quickly to a new light cue after projecting video, this is an easy and effective solution. You do not have to turn off the projector, only the light is shut out. The DMX control makes the projector shutter a great solution for positioning and speed control in a light design context because it can be programmed and queued. Find the perfect solution in our selection below.

Specifications to consider

Flap size


DMX control or on/off button?

  • DMX Projector Shutter
    Easy and effective tool to shut off lights from any projector.
    325,00 €
  • DMX Projector Shutter with Button
    Make your stage completely dark by simply pressing a button.
    425,00 €
  • DMX Projector Shutter Button
    Simple movements of the Projector Shutter by pressing a button.
    125,00 €
  • Small Shutter Flap
    Great tool for our Projector Shutter to control lights from smaller projectors
    25,00 €
  • Big Shutter Flap
    Control the lights from larger projectors.
    30,00 €
  • Mega Shutter Flap
    Quick and easy block or show lights from the largest projectors.
    35,00 €

Turning the power off on a projector in order to make the room dark, is a very slow and ineffecient solution. It is often time consuming, and turning the projector back on also costs valuable time. Everyone knows that there is no time to waste on power issues when a performance, a show or a lecture is running. You need a blackout to happen fast and efficiently, and get the power back on seconds after. These quick changes are possible with our DMX Projector Shutters.

The shutter is a motor driven flap you can control from the lighting desk. You can alternatively control the Projector Shutter manually for positions and speed as well as pre-program it to shut off the lights at specific points of time during the show, by using it with an External Button.

DMX Projector Shutters or Video Projector Dowsers

Our DMX Projector Shutters or video projector dowsers which they are also called, control the flap by a motor-driven unit.  The flap moves in front of the projector lens in order to shut off the lights coming from the projector, including the so-called "video black" light.

The DMX Projector Shutters come in various sizes and you can connect them to different sizes of projectors. So, whether you have a small, medium or large projector, our projector shutters are applicable. We have different flaps in different sizes (Small, BigMega) that applies to our DMX Projector Shutters. You can mount the projector shutters anywhere you want them, which makes the Wahlberg shutter a very flexible solution.

You can mount the shutter so it fits your existing setup, and doesn't interfere with other scenic elements you have applied in your stage design. We have made it as easy and flexible as possible.

Wahlberg Projector Shutter

We have produced Wahlberg projector shutters for years now, it is a popular product among all types of customers of ours from all around the world. The easy set-up, flexible application as well as the multiple ways of mounting the projector shutters, make them an appreciated dowser in theaters, lecture halls and concert halls. 

You can control the projector shutters directly from the lighting desk so the light from the projector is shut out quickly when you need it to.

This is a very good solution where you need to either shift between light and dark and back again, or you need a complete blackout. With the projector shutters you can black out the lights completely, so even the “video black” doesn't disturb the light situation. Only by cutting the light from the projector beam, you can achieve a real black out, without the need of shutting down the projector.

The only alternative to a quick solution as the Wahlberg shutter is to manually hold a blocking unit in front of the projector. The advantage with our projector shutters is however, that it is fully automated. You can control all movements directly from the lighting desk and program it as you like.

Place the Projector Shutters on top of the projector, on the side or even besides the projector. The mounting is completely up to you. You can be sure to have a fully flexible solution, which is compatible with your existing setup. It will very quickly become a fundamental part of your scene design setup. Include it exactly the way you want to.

Many Great Features

We have developed extra accessories for you to use, to increase the number of ways as how to use the product. Furthermore, you are also able to use the DMX Projector Shutters in different ways for different occasions.

You can apply an External On/Off button, which allows you to pre-program two positions for the flap. By one push you can move between these two positions.

This way you can quickly shut off the light from the projector and quickly make light appear again. Perfect for situations where sudden, unexpected events can occur, and it needs to happen quickly. You do not need to position the flap. You just need to push the button in order to move between the prefixed positions.

Furthermore, we have developed several sizes of flaps to mount on the projector shutter motors. You can apply the DMX Projector Shutters regardless of the size of your projector. As mentioned, we have different sizes of flaps available, so there is a solution for any type of projector.

If you have a projector, it is certain that you get a product you can include in your stage setup in many different ways. Check out our selection of different types of projector shutters above.

If you have any questions you are also very welcome to contact us.

Make sure to check out our other products. For example, our Winches, Remote Controlled Platform or any other product of your interest. We have several opportunities to make your controlling and automating your stage props to make your effects look great.


At Wahlberg, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand the frustration of having a product that isn't working as it should and don't believe in discarding a perfectly good product just because one part isn't functioning properly. That’s why we offer spare parts for all our products. So, whether you choose to send in your Wahlberg product for professional servicing or prefer DIY repairs, we're here to help. Just download our Exploded View drawings for guidance, and you'll have your product fixed in no time!

Contact us at if you can’t find the needed spare part on our website.

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