Medium Roll Down Slow

The medium size Roll Down that fits all. Easy controllable system for fabrics for shows.

Lifting capacity: 20 kg ( 44.1 ib )
Lifting speed: 1,7-38 cm/s ( 0,6-15 in/s)
Tube length: 1000-6000 mm ( 39,4-236,2 in )

The perfect product in the middle in the family of roll downs from Wahlberg Motion Design.

The Medium Roll Down from Wahlberg features a new top limit switch system made for precise calibration.

There is an optional possibility of getting a simple manual control with push buttons.

The tube is available in lengths from 1-6 meters.

The Medium Roll Down has a precise positioning with integrated DMX interface. An easy and effective tool to create motion effects for any type of fabric.

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Wahlberg designed this Medium Roll Down seeking to meet the requirements from lighting designers finding our High-Speed roll down too big and the Mini Roll Down too small.
With the Medium Roll Down you have all the standard options available in our roll downs, where various types of fabric are easily mounted to the drum.
The fabric either works as background for a show, or as projection screens for videos. It moves up and down according to capacity and your programming.
Our Medium Roll Down can be applied for any stage performance you are preparing for.
It is created with a motorized aluminum tube with mounting options for stage curtains, backdrops, laser gaze or other textiles in your stage design.

The tube can be fitted to your requirements regarding the length of your fabric. It is thus a very flexible solution, where you have several opportunities for integrating in your show.

How does it work?

The Medium Roll Down is perfect for moving any type of fabric. That is why if you are looking for a theatrical roll drop solution, the Wahlberg Motion Design roll downs are great solutions. They have been successfully implemented in the past in shows all over the world. Take a look at our Portfolio here.

The Medium Roll Down is controlled from the lighting desk via the integrated DMX interface. The top and bottom limits are set via a DMX desk, which makes it easy to take on tour to venues with varying ceiling heights.

Just simply set your limits and run your cues as normal. The advanced DMX protocol will take care of the rest.

So, whether you want to make your backdrop move or map your video projections onto a movable piece of fabric, the Medium Roll Down is the roll drop system for you.

What size roll down do you need?

Variable speed and precise positioning provide an easy and effective tool for curtain motion. 16-bit DMX precision controls the position, while a second channel controls the speed of the movement. As a result, the movements can easily be implemented in a cue list on the lighting desk and integrated into the show.

Whether you are creating a completely new show, or adding this to your existing design, the Medium Roll Down is easily integrated.

The Medium Roll Down is made with the Wahlberg DMX Motor Unit, and thus easy to apply for different tube lengths.

If you want even more speed or a longer tube length, make sure to check out our High-speed Roll Down.

It is furthermore possible to use the Medium Roll Down together with other Wahlberg products, so you can combine different effects for your stage design. E.g. mount it on a Track Runner (Cogwheel or Friction Wheel) and create horizontal moving effects while rolling your fabric. 


At Wahlberg, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand the frustration of having a product that isn't working as it should and don't believe in discarding a perfectly good product just because one part isn't functioning properly. That’s why we offer spare parts for all our products. So, whether you choose to send in your Wahlberg product for professional servicing or prefer DIY repairs, we're here to help. Just download our Exploded View drawings for guidance, and you'll have your product fixed in no time!

Contact us at if you can’t find the needed spare part on our website.

The content of the Medium Roll Down Slow package

1 x Medium Roll Down Slow

2 x Manfrotto Slim couplers

2 x Mounting bolt, nut, and washers (M12) for slim coupler mounting

1 x User manual

1 x Cheat sheet

Technical Details

Item number .239.701
Lifting capacity 20 kg ( 44.1 ib )
Lifting height 0,5-20 m (1.64 - 65.6 ft)
Lifting speed 1,7-38 cm/s ( 0,6-15 in/s)
Voltage 100-240 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 300 W ( 3,0-1,25A)
Power inlet Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 NACPX (F/M)
DMX control signal DMX 512 1990+DMX512A
DMX channels 6
DMX control connection 5 Pole XLR (F/M)
Minimum load None
Noise emission ≈55 dB at 1 m (3.3 ft)
Ambient temperature 5-40 °C (41-104 °F)
Mounting clamp 2 x Slim eye coupler 42-52 mm (2 in)
Tube length 1000-6000 mm ( 39,4-236,2 in )
Duty cycle 50 % when running more than 30 min.
Weight - Motor unit 9,5 KG ( 20,9 ib )
Weight - Tube 2,6 KG/M ( 1,77 lb/ft)
Dimensions - Motor unit 95x170x342 mm ( 3,7x6,7x13,5 in)
Dimensions - Tube Ø120x100-600 mm ( Ø4,7x39,4-236,2 in )


Type Name
pdf Cheatsheet_Medium Roll Down_.239.701 Download
pdf Manual_Medium Roll Down_.239.701 Download
pdf Datasheet_Medium Roll Down_.239.701 Download
3D STEP_Medium Roll Down 1 Meter_.239.701 Download
3D STEP_Medium Roll Down 2 Meter_.239.701 Download
3D STEP_Medium Roll Down 3 Meter_.239.701 Download
3D STEP_Medium Roll Down 4 Meter_.239.701 Download
3D STEP_Medium Roll Down 5 Meter_.239.701 Download
3D STEP_Medium Roll Down 6 Meter_.239.701 Download
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