Actuator 40 mm/s, 20 kg

Fast and effective linear movements of your stage props. Stroke of 100 mm.

Stroke: 100 mm

With an Actuator you can make fast and effective linear movements of any stage object. A range of different Actuators so you can find a solution for your need.

It has high precision positioning running with the speed of your preference. A great alternative to minor air cylinders. Especially made to create stage effects with easy mounting options.

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In our Actuator range of products, we have both large and fast Actuators as well as smaller ones for small linear movements of objects.

All our Actuators have high precision and runs with different speeds. So, there are many possibilities to reach exactly the effect you are looking for, for your stage.

Motion Actuator for Stage

An Actuator is generally used for linear movements and has a variety of uses especially in theater and stage production.

It is a good alternative to minor air cylinders, with their noisy compressor and long hoses and valves.

How it works

The actuator works like an air cylinder but is driven by a DC Motor Unit from which you can achieve full motion control. In other words you can control the Actuator, exactly as you like.

You can adjust the speed in a step-less manner.

The actuator has a built-in potentiometer, allowing for a controller to measure the position and stop at the exact desired location.

You can easily connect the unit to a DC Motor Controller. By including this you can control the unit directly from the lighting desk.

Sophisticated movements can be programmed and integrated with the lighting and special effects of the show. The Actuator can quickly and easily become a part of your existing stage design setup, and contribute to create beautiful stage effects for any stage props.

Ideas of Use

It is a great tool for stage effects such as opening doors, opens umbrellas, releases gates, moves the light etc.

Furthermore, the Actuator has been used for larger installations where several units were combined to make several synchronized linear movements.

They can all be made completely wireless, so you can control the movements and positions via wireless DMX.

They run on 12 or 24 V, and with a battery and a wireless DMX, you can build them into wireless, portable units.

The content of the Actuator 40 mm/s, 20 kg package

1 x Actuator 40 mm/sec, 20 kg

Technical Details

Item number 261
Stroke 100 mm


Type Name

DMX Compatible


All Wahlberg products are DMX compatible. Read more about DMX control.


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Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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