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With our Roll Downs it is possible to easily and quickly roll different types of textiles onto an aluminum tube of your desired length. We have made different types of Roll Downs with a diverse range of features to accommodate the many different projects that arises. You can be sure to find a great solution for any of your desires in your upcoming projects. Find a suitable solution in our product range below, for easy and effective controlling your fabrics via DMX.

Specifications to consider

Lifting capacity

Lifting speed

Tube length

  • Mini Roll Down, slow
    Easy controllable Mini Roll Down system for textiles and fabrics for theater, shows and stage performances.
    1.925,00 €
  • Mini Roll Down, fast
    A faster version of our Mini Roll Down system. Great to roll any type of fabric, screen or textiles for concerts, theater, or other stage performances.
    1.925,00 €
  • Medium Roll Down Slow
    The medium size Roll Down that fits all. Easy controllable system for fabrics for shows.
    3.000,00 €
  • High-speed Roll Down
    Large roll down system for very fast rolling of your fabrics on stage.
    6.200,00 - 7.850,00 €
  • DMX Snow Machine
    Create falling snow effects indoors with our DMX Snow Machine
    2.050,00 €
  • Flightcase for High-Speed Roll Down
    Flightcase for High-Speed Roll Down
    1.070,00 - 1.670,00 €

The focus for our Roll Downs is (and has always been) to make great solutions for rolling any type of fabric quickly and effectively. We have made several products to do this, where you can get customized sizes and specifications meet the requirements of your textiles. Our High-speed Roll Down is great if you are looking for a very fast solution or check out our Mini Roll Down for smaller environments.

Common for all Roll Downs or roll drops as they are referred to as well, is that the fabric is rolling on a customized aluminum tube. This way you can hide and store the fabric, projection screen etc. very smoothly until you need to reveal e.g. a banner for your audience or put the desired motion in action.

Roll Downs or Motorized Roll Drops

As mentioned above our Roll Down is often also referred to as roll drop. It consists of a tube on which the textile of your own choice is rolled. Here it is important that the fabric can roll on this tube and we have different products that applies for different occasions.

The Roll Drops are custom build. They are fitted exactly to the length of the fabric for your request.

The motor is DMX controlled, so you can control and program the speed and positions directly from the lighting desk. Several DMX channels apply to control the unit depending on which Roll Drop you are looking to buy or rent.

A way you can use the Roll Drops is by mounting projection screen on the tube. This way you can easily hide and reveal the screen as it is appropriate according to the show it is part of. Perfect for theaters, concerts, venues etc. because the application of the Roll Downs is very flexible. It is possible to include it in the scene design in many ways. It is easy to integrate in your existing stage design as it is controlled by DMX. So, you can control every motion of the Roll Down directly from your lighting desk.

In our portfolio, there are many examples of how our customers have used the Roll Downs in the scenic design. The different products have features that satisfies the needs in different areas, depending on the projects you need them for.

Our Mini Roll Down is great for small environments where you need to roll fabric, projection screen, molton etc. quickly and easily. It is also very easy to move around if you need to relocate it for other occasions.

Use as Backdrop, Banner Hoist etc.

We custom build all of our Roll Drops to accommodate exactly the specifications of the fabric you are rolling. You can have the features of all of the Roll Drops in exactly the size you want. We know that not any projects are alike and therefore we can also custom build the size you want.

We also have included different features within the product range. If you need our roll down for screen projection, this is not the same as if you need them a backdrops or banner hoists. There is a big difference, and consequently this also needs to be evident in what we offer.

That is why you can choose exactly the size you want. Enjoy all the great features of our Roll Drops for any project you are working on.

Many Possibilities for Creative and Beautiful Designs

Operate the Roll Drops via DMX directly from the lighting desk. This means that you can connect the Roll Downs to the lighting desk. Control everything from there by using a number of DMX-channels to control positions, speed, top and bottom positions etc. You can also que the motion effects.

So, the Roll Drops quickly become a natural part of the existing scene design. You can incorporate it as being the central part of the show or supporting the existing setup as stage backdrop lighting etc. It is almost only your own imagination that sets the limits on how you are going to use them.

In our portfolio you can see examples of how our different Roll Downs has been used in the past by venues, music performers etc.

New products?

The newest addition to the Roll Down family is our DMX Snow Machine. This has the same features as our other Roll Drops and the control is similar as well. However, the difference is here that the aluminum tube which is used to roll fabric on is replaced with another tube with small holes. The tube can be filled with fake snow and when the tube is rolling the snow will sprinkle out and create a great snowing effect.

Very good for Christmas setups, or other performances where you need a snowing element effect. You can create different snow effects by controlling the speed of the tube.

Take a look at our other popular products such as our DMX Winches, Lifting Column, Projector Shutter etc. to extend you stage effects even more.


At Wahlberg, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand the frustration of having a product that isn't working as it should and don't believe in discarding a perfectly good product just because one part isn't functioning properly. That’s why we offer spare parts for all our products. So, whether you choose to send in your Wahlberg product for professional servicing or prefer DIY repairs, we're here to help. Just download our Exploded View drawings for guidance, and you'll have your product fixed in no time!

Contact us at if you can’t find the needed spare part on our website.

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