Revolving Stage

DMX controlled revolving stage with opportunities for custom expansion.

Dimensions: Ø1200 x 200 mm (DIA 47.2 x 7.9 in). Other diameters possible.
Maximum load: 300 kg (660 lb)
Speed (by default): 10 - 23 rpm
Position control: Angular DMX positioning, 5° precision

Effective solution for making revolving stages in both large and small dimensions. Depending on the purpose of use.

2.300,00 €
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The Revolving Stage is designed for stage use, mainly for use in theatres, shows and concerts.

It offers a modifiable platform on which objects and stage props with a combined weight of 300kg can be rotated with both speed and position control via DMX. The rotating speed by default is between 10 and 23 rpm. Depending on the load and placement of the Motor Console.

The Revolving Stage is composed of several components which may be purchased separately, center- and motor console, DC-motor-controller, and sensor bracket as well as supporting wheels and top- and bottom plate.
The diameter of the revolving stage is flexible; buy or manufacture the top plate with the desired diameter and place the motor console, sensor bracket and supporting wheels accordingly.

The Center Console with Slipring provides a 360-degree cat5 and power supply, which gives great possibilities for combining the Revolving Stage with LED screens, stage props, etc. (See video below)


The Revolving Stage's angular position and rotational speed are controlled by the DC motor controller, using the motor console to rotate the stage and the encoder wheel as feedback.
For further information about the setup and operation of the DC-Motor controller please see the DC-motor controller manual, which can be found in the download section here.


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The content of the Revolving Stage package

1 x Top Plate

1 x Bottom Plate

1 x Motor Console

1 x DC Motor Controller

5 x Support Wheels

1 x Center Console

1 x Sensor Bracket

1 x User Manual

1 x Cheat Sheet

Technical Details

Item number .321
Dimensions Ø1200 x 200 mm (DIA 47.2 x 7.9 in). Other diameters possible.
Power supply 115/230 VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 120 W (1.1@115v, 0.5@230V)
Power in/out Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 NAC3PX-TOP (M/F)
DMX control signal DMX 512, 6 channels used
DMX in/out 5 pole XLR (M/F)
Maximum load 300 kg (660 lb)
Minimum load 15 kg (33 lb)
Speed (by default) 10 - 23 rpm
Duty cycle 50% after 30 min, continuous operation
Position control Angular DMX positioning, 5° precision
Speed control Variable, DMX controlled
Weight 45 kg (99.2 lb)
Noise emission ≈50 dB @1m (3.3 ft)
Ambient temperature 5-40° (41-104°F)
Data through (only with Power and Cat5) 1000Mbit/s (four twisted pairs)
Power through (only with Power and Cat5) 4 x 1.5mm² (AWG 16)


Type Name
pdf Cheatsheet_ Revolving Stage_.321 Download
pdf Manual_Revolving Stage_.321 Download
pdf Datasheet_Revolving Stage_.321 Download





The Revolving Stage is composed of several components which can be bought separately.






Center Console with Power and Cat5

When ordereing the Revolving Stage with Power and Cat5, the Revolving Stage then comes with the Center Console with Power and Cat5.

The slipring mounted on the Center Console, provides a 360-degree Cat5 and power supply, which gives great possibilities for combining the Revolving Stage with LED screens, stage props, etc.

  • The slipring connections: 4x20A + 1x1000MBIT/s Ethernet (four twisted pairs)





Price: 350,00 €

Center Console

The Center Console connects the top and bottom plates, preventing sideways movement. For easy access and assembly of the Revolving Stage, the center console splits in two parts, that are mounted on the top and bottom plate.

The top and bottom plates are then easily connected by fitting the axis into the bearing on the top part and tightening the pinion screw. The Center Console can be fastened with either screws or bolts using the predrilled pattern of mounting holes.


The Center Console is a part of the Revolving Stage by default



Price: 100,00 €


Top and Bottom Plate

The top and bottom plates are laser cut from plywood and can be coated with a water-resistant dark coating for durability and easy cleaning. The plywood plates offer the user full flexibility when mounting objects or modifying the plates.

Both the top- and bottom-plates are delivered with predrilled holes for mounting, ensuring a quick and easy assembly.

  • Dimensions: Ø1200 x 21 mm (DIA 47,2 x 0,8 in)


Other diameters is possible. (Read below) 



Price: 150,00 €


Sensor Bracket

The sensor bracket provides feedback to the DC-motor controller for precise angular positioning and speed control of the revolving stage. It consists of the encoder wheel and the magnetic sensor. During setup the magnetic sensor detects the magnet mounted on the top plate and ensures consistent positioning from setup to setup. 

The encoder is mounted using either the slots or the predrilled holes in the bracket which allow a precise alignment of the encoder wheel with the direction of travel of the top plate. The encoder and magnetic sensor are easily connected to the DC-Motor Controller using the supplied five pin XLR connection.

Price: 300,00 €

Motor Console

The motor console with a 125 mm wheel and 24 V motor rotates the revolving stage. 

The motor platform is mounted using either the M6 threaded mounting holes in the corners, or the two predrilled holes, and is connected to the DC Motor controller using the five pin XLR connector.











Price: 550,00 €

DC Motor Controller

The DC Motor Controller is versatile, enabling users to control DC Motors with various addons, such as limit switches, encoders, and analogue feedback. 

For use as a component of the revolving stage, the DC Motor Controller is set to mode 4 – 6 and connected to the motor console and sensor bracket. The Revolving Stage can then be controlled from a lighting desk via DMX, where the user can set either the angular position of the stage, or the speed and direction of rotation.






Price: 500,00 € 
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Support Wheels

The support wheels evenly support the rotating part, resulting in more a stable platform. 5 x Support Wheels are included in the Revolving Stage.

  • Maximum load per. Wheel: 110 kg (242.5 lbs.) 


For larger loads or diameters, it is possible to add more support wheels to the revolving stage.







Price per unit: 20,00 €

Modifying the Revolving Stage


The Revolving stage is designed to be modified according to your needs, either by Wahlberg Motion Design or yourself, due to its modular design. If a wider or smaller revolving stage is needed, the top and bottom plate diameter can be changed to suit your specifications and a heavier load can be supported by adding additional support wheels.

The flexible placement of the motor console supports these modifications as well, if a faster rotational speed is wanted, the motor console can be moved further inwards, and a larger load can be placed on the revolving stage by moving the motor console further outwards, increasing its momentum on the revolving stage, and reducing the top speed.

Please get in touch with Wahlberg for more information about possible modifications, here.

The Revolving Stage From Wahlberg Motion Design

Product video.

Revolving Stage in action

NYC Grip Team led by Gabriel Solorzano, used the Revolving Stage in their production. They needed a solution for rotating the actor with precise angular movement while being pushed on a dolly.

The Revolving Stage helped them achieve that.

Gabriel Solorzano - Key Grip
Garland Berenzy - Best Boy Grip
Jesse Selleck - Carpenter 
Erin Collett - Director of Photography 

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