DMX Rotators

To create rotating elements on stage, we have created DMX Rotators that comes in various versions and with various features. Achieve rotating movements to display your stage props from different angles. Furthermore, you have the possibility to power electrical equipment for specific rotators. This way even more possibilities open up, as lighting elements can expand the motion effects even further. Find a product below matching exactly your needs to achieve the rotating effect you are looking for.

Specifications to consider

Working load limit

Rotation speed

Power and DMX outlet?

Mounting angle

  • DMX Rotator
    Rotate and spin your stage objects to display different angles of the object.
    900,00 €
  • DMX Rotator with Power Outlet
    DMX controlled continuous rotation with power and data outlet.
    1.300,00 €

There are several ways of setting up the stage, and the designs vary from show to show. Whether it is a concert, theater, art performance or similar makes the demands completely different for the stage lighting and design.

With our rotators you have the ability to create rotating scene props. You can display the objects from various angles or make a unique stage lighting by rotating e.g. flashing lights. There are several ways to apply the products, but common for all is the rotating movement.

Furthermore, it is universal in the sense that it can be attached to other moving elements such as our Track Runner (Cogwheel or Friction Wheel). This way you can create linear movements along with the rotation making very unique and beautiful stage lighting effects. The rotator is also perfect for attaching a mirror ball, if you need this to rotate.

DMX Rotators - Perfect as DMX Mirror Ball Motor

The motor as all of our other products controlled via DMX. This means that all motions and positions can be controlled directly from the lighting desk. You can create beautiful lighting effects, or any other rotating movements you want.

There are several possibilities for achieving the right motion effect on stage you are looking for. The easy setup and programming along with the load capabilities and possibility of power in the DMX rotator makes it a perfect solution for rotating mirror balls. See for example our DMX Rotator where you can create the rotating effect you want for the mirror ball. It has continuous rotation, so you can rotate and stop it at exactly the angles you desire.

You can spin the mirror ball or other equipment mounted to the rotator with the electric motor rotation effect inside. From the lighting desk you can adjust the motor spin speed as well as program positions. This is great for scene designs that demands different movements at different ques. The rotator can also be recorded for creating effects at ques, so the show is easily executed when it is live.

Rotating Disco Ball

If you are going to design a setup with a rotating disco ball, our DMX Rotators are perfect. This could for instance be a nightclub setup where the room can be lit up by flashing lights from the disco ball. Or if you are going to make the stage lighting special effects for any live performance the DMX Rotator can be applied.

The possibilities are many, and if you have ideas you think about realizing you are always welcome to contact us for advice regarding your stage lighting setup. We can make a solution that fits exactly your needs.

Media Spinner on Steroids

Our range of DMX rotators makes it possible to spin several objects to create displays for many different occasions. Apply them in every setting that you want it for, so you can reach your desired effect.

It is not only applicable for theaters and concert venues, but it is also perfect for creating displays in malls, or elsewhere to make a visual effect and thereby attract visitor’s attention. Our DMX Rotator with power outlet has all the features to make a perfect rotating effect for any equipment.

You can program the DMX rotators to make the movements you want at exactly the positions you want. The motor even has the possibility to rotate infinitely. So, you can spin the elements for as long as you want in the same direction.

Continuous Rotation

It is possible to make continuous rotation of objects. If you are looking for rotation effects where you can rotate the element as much as you like one way around, a rotator is a perfect solution for this.

You can mount it both horizontally or vertically, so you have options to rotate the elements you like at different angles. Just be aware of the different limits when the unit is mounted at different angles.

If you look at our portfolio, you can see other projects we have been involved in, in the past that included the rotator, as well as other products e.g. DMX WInches, Roll Downs, Track Systems and much more!

Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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