With the Rotracktor you can make beautiful moving effects for your most heavy objects. Perfect for both rotating and horizontal movement of LED-Screens

Rotation speed: 0,15-0,8 rpm
Horizontal speed: 5-30 cm/s (2-11.8 in/s)
Working load limit: 500 kg (1102.31 lb)

Perfect for e.g. LED-screens or other large equipment. Easy to supply power as well for electrical objects.

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The Rotracktor is a great solution for large objects that need to be moved linearly across the stage and simultaneously be rotated at various angles. You can show all different angles and sides of your stage objects. It is possible to mount up to 500 kilos, perfect for e.g. LED screens that need to be positioned at different angles during the show.

It runs on a double track, which offers great stability for any object that needs to be moved. Make your stage objects appear or move around the stage and show various angles with the rotating feature.

You can furthermore rotate the objects 355 degrees. So whether you need a scenic element to turn, an LED screen to fit the perfect angle or if you want your lamps to move, the Rotracktor is the perfect solution for your next production.

It is easy to mount electrical equipment. The 355° spinning makes sure that the power wire from the Rotracktor to the mounted object does not get entangled.

The Rotracktor is DMX controlled and can be controlled from any lighting desk using 12 channels.

Many possibilities with the Rotracktor

By including a Rotracktor in your stage design you get even more possibilities to reach brand new opportunities and make beautiful effects for your show. It creates linear and rotating effects however by combining it with other Wahlberg products you can make even more effects.

Use for instance our Winch 25 Double to also make your stage props move up and down while also enjoying the linear and rotating features of the Rotracktor.

Make sure to explore all your opportunities. Contact us here if you need advice or want feedback on your thoughts regarding a new project with our products.

The content of the Rotracktor package

1 x Rotracktor

2 x Limit Switch profiles

1 x User manual

1 x Cheat sheet

Technical Details

Item number .357
Power supply 200-240V AC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 250 W
Power inlet/outlet Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 NAC3MPX (F/M)
DMX Control signal DMX 512 1990 + DMX512A
DMX channels 6
DMX Connection 5 pole XLR, male & female
Rotation speed 0,15-0,8 rpm
Horizontal speed 5-30 cm/s (2-11.8 in/s)
Working load limit 500 kg (1102.31 lb)
Rotation limit 0-355°
Noise emission (AT 1 m) ~50 dB
Ambient temperature 0-40°C (32-104°F)
Shipping weight 38 kg (83.6 lb)
Weight 35,3 kg (77.8 lb)
Dimensions 528 × 370 × 296 mm (20.8 × 14.6 × 11.7 in)


Type Name
pdf Manual_Rotator_.357 Download
pdf Manual_Track Runner Series Download
pdf Manual for installation_ Track series Download
pdf Datasheet_Rotracktor_.357 Download
xml Wahlberg@Rotracktor@7,8,9 Download
3D STEP_Rotractor_.357 Download
3D STEP_Rotracktor Main Assembly_.357 Download

DMX Compatible


All Wahlberg products are DMX compatible. Read more about DMX control.


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Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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