Passive Runner

Increase the load capabilities of the Track Runner by adding Passive Runners to your setup.

Load Capacity: 100 KG (220,5 lb)
Weight: 3,7 KG (8,2 lb)
Mounting holes: 3 x Ø13 mm

With the Passive Runner it is possible for you to increase the lifting and pushing capacity of 100 kg for each runner added.

Achieve maximum load capacities for your Track System and utilize all advantages of it for your stage props.

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If you are creating horizontal moving effects for very large or very heavy stage objects that our Track Runner (Cogwheel/Friction Wheel) cannot support, the Passive Runner is the solution you are looking for.

By adding the Passive Runner to your Track System setup, you get increased stability as well as increased capacities for the objects mounted to the Track Runner. This way you have even more opportunities to create horizontal moving effects for your stage objects.

Passive Runner – Seize your Opportunities

Including a Track System is a great solution for making horizontal effects for your stage props. However, a single Track Runner comes with certain lifting and pushing capacities. Additionally, there is only one fixing point for your equipment, which might not be sufficient for large, heavy objects.

That is why the Passive Runner as a great addition if you are looking for horizontal moving effects for heavy stage objects. Mount the object to the two runners with a spacing that fits your needs.

It is also possible to attach a tube between the two runners. Then the single heavy stage object or several objects can be mounted on this tube.

Furthermore, you can combine a Track Runner, Passive Runner and our other products. You can e.g. mount our Mini Roll Down to make your roll drop screens move along the track. The Passive Runner increases the number of ways you can include the Track Runner in your stage design. So, it is possible for you to realize your stage designs that includes horizontal movements of heavy stage props.


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The content of the Passive Runner package

1 x Passive runner

1 x User manual

1 x Cheat sheet

Technical Details

Item number .354
Dimensions 160 x 188 x 146 mm (6.30x7.40x5.75 in)
Load Capacity 100 KG (220,5 lb)
Weight 3,7 KG (8,2 lb)
Mounting holes 3 x Ø13 mm


Type Name
pdf Datasheet_Passive Trackrunner_.354 Download
pdf Manual for installation_ Track series Download
3D STEP_Passive Runner_.354 Download

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