Linear guided rail system with unique combination of movement and stability - zipping your stage element up and down.

Load Capacity Vertical: 20 KG ( 44.1 IB )
Load Capacity Horizontal: 50 KG (110 IB)

New patented guided rail system for linear movements in any direction. 
The extruded aluminium rail, fitted with wagon and motor, gives you freedom to move your props and lamps in any direction: up–down // left - right // or with an angle.
The moving part (wagon) has multiple slots - ready for mounting you moving head, laser head or whatever you want to move.



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Unique linear motor system combining movement, stability and very compact dimensions.
With the patented linear slider you can easily displace your props, lamps, loudspeakers, smoke machine controlled with simple DMX commands from the lighting console. 
The moving part on the rail (the wagon) is equipped with both power and data for easy and seamless use in the stage area – no external moving cables to deal with. 

The system is based upon an extruded aluminum track, with a smooth gliding wagon. A strong belt drive powered by a DC servo motor ensures torque enough to manipulate your mounted stageelement.
Integrated in the motorbody, you find the DMX controller with XLR plugs, and a LCD display with buttons for adjusting the different parameters. 
Onboard the wagon you find plugs for mains power and a 5 pole DMX plug for direct connection to your stage object.
Those plugs are connected to matching plugs at the motor body, giving you the freedom to choose whatever signal and power circuit to connect. 

The manipulator is mounted with clamps, with standard sliding slots running along the backside of the aluminium rail. With any possible mounting angle,  the options are many for getting your movement the way you want it. 
The moving part ( wagon) has the same slots for easy mounting screws and clamps for your object.


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The content of the Manipulator package

1 x Manipulator

2 x Manfrotto Slim Couplers

1 x Mounting clamp for vertical mount. ( bolts included )

4 x Mounting clamp for profile mount. ( bolts included )

2 x PowerCON NAC3FX-W female plug for power cable

1 x PowerCON NAC3MX-W male plug for power cable

1 x User manual

1 x Cheat sheet

Technical Details

Model Manipulator
Item no .380
Track 80 x 83 x 2000-6000mm ( 3.1 x 3.3 x 78.7-236.2 ) customized length
Power supply 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 300 W ( 3,0-1,25 A)
Power in/out Neutrik powerCON true1 NAC3PX ( F/M )
DMX Controlled signal DMX 512 1990+DMX512A / 6 channels used
DMX control connection 5 pole XLR ( f/M )
Through Connections Input Neutrik powerCon TRUE 1 NAC3PX ( M ) & 5 pole XLR ( M )
Through Connections Output Neutrik powerCon TRUE 1 NAC3PX ( F ) & 5 pole XLR ( F )
Through Connections Power 10A/240 VAC or DC ( class II ) 3 x 2,5 mm2 ( AWG14 )
Through Connections Signal 1A/48V 3x0,25 mm2 ( AWG24)
Load Capacity Vertical 20 KG ( 44.1 IB )
Load Capacity Horizontal 50 KG (110 IB)
Load Capacity Horizontal Sideways 20 Kg ( 44.1 IB )
Speed 3-17 cm/s ( 1.2 - 6.7 in/s )
Noise emission 50 DB @1 m ( 3.3 ft )
Ambient temperature 5-40 C ( 41-104 F )
Weight 15,1 KG ( 33,3 IB ) @ 1M track / Motor unit: 11,3 KG ( 24.9 IB ) / Track: 3,8 KG/M ( 2.56 IB/FT )
Mounting Clamp 2 x Slim eye couplers 42-52 mm ( 2 IN )
Duty cycle 50% after 30 min. continually operation
Features T-Slot for M12 and M6 nut or bolt


Type Name
pdf Cheatsheet_Manipulator_.380 Download
pdf Manual_Manipulator_.380 Download
pdf Datasheet_Manipulator_.380 Download
3D STEP_Manipulator 6m_.380 Download
3D STEP_Manipulator 5m_.380 Download
3D STEP_Manipulator 4m_.380 Download
3D STEP_Manipulator 3m_.380 Download
3D STEP_Manipulator 2m_.380 Download

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