Connection Bracket

Connect your track pieces to achieve any length of track you need.

Our Connection Bracket is an additional product to our track systems. You can use these to connect track pieces and reach any length of track that fits your stage setup.

Use one connection bracket for each piece of track you want to connect.

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Enjoy the features of the Track System at any form you wish with the Connection Bracket.

You can buy our track in any length you want between 1 & 6 meters. However, this is not the length limit of our track. Each piece of track can easily be put together by using the Connection Bracket.

 This way you can reach any length you desire. It is thus possible for you to use the system for any stage design you are working on because the Connection Bracket secures maximum flexibility for the system.

It can be installed in any environment and you can adjust the length of it with the use of Connection Brackets. The connection bracket can be used for all our track types:


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The content of the Connection Bracket package

1 x Connection Bracket

Technical Details

item no .344.703


Type Name

DMX Compatible


All Wahlberg products are DMX compatible. Read more about DMX control.


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