Dive into the playful world og product exploration! Navigate our extensive showroom online, all at your fingertips. you have complete command of our live demonstration room directly from your computer. Use the faders to control each roller, and as you guide them, observe their movements through the live video feed streaming directly from our facility in Aarhus.

OPEN to everyone - no-sign required.

Wahlberg Interactive Showroom - Wahlberg Live - provides a realtime experience of our products in action, allowing the visitor to witness the immpreccive capabilities of Wahlberg's portfolio. the live video feed allows visitors to examine speed and precision, whilst exploding the detailed functionality and performance of the wahlberg products. The High-perfoamance video camaras, are also remotely operated, giving you a closeup-view with just a click. You can litterally zoom in and see details on the products.

This captivating display is a game-changer for industry professionals seeking the latest solution in the field. 

Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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