Royal Variety Performance 2018, London

In late 2018 the annual event “The Royal Variety Performance” was held at the Palladium in London. Several artists performed amazing acts and the concert lighting design included the Track Runner at the performance by Norwegian singer Sigrid.

The Royal Variety Performance is an annual event that raises money for the Royal Variety Charity. The event has been organized since 1912 making it one of the most successful and longest running recurring entertainment shows in the world.

The list of legendary artists that has performed at the show is long and counts world-class acts such as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Sir Elton John and many more.

Every year members of the Royal Family also attend the event and 2018 was no exception. HRH The Duke of Sussex and HRH The Duchess of Sussex experienced several great acts with performances that counted both bands & singers, stand-up comedians and acrobats from Cirque du Soleil. You can read more about the Royal Variety Performance here.

The concert lighting design was developed including the Wahlberg Track Runner to create moving light effect across the stage for Sigrid’s performance.


Horizontal Effects for your Concert Lighting Design

The aim for the music concert lighting design was to create a light track across the back of the stage for the duration of the performance on which a light beam could run.

As it can be seen in the video above, the Track Runner slowly moves across the stage and then back to the staring position as the performance ends. Simple but very effect full that sets the right atmosphere for the audience to enjoy. Great concert light setup and great way to include the Track System.

Track Runner – A flexible solution for your Stage Lighting Equipment

The Track Runner was run on a Tooth Rack Rail with Conductor Rail and controlled via wireless DMX signal. A very flexible solution making it a very professional concert lighting solution. The lighting design for concerts often includes tricky and complex effects. The advantage of the Track Runner is however the easy way of setting up and use to create beautiful effects for the concert lighting design which otherwise was not possible. If you are looking into expanding your existing music venue lighting this definitely could be a great addition for your concert lighting equipment.

The Track Runner is a great tool for creating DMX lighting effects. In this case the Track Runner was used to move lights across the stage however the application of the Track System can vary a lot and our portfolio also shows examples of many different ways to use the Track System.

It is a great addition to your existing concert lighting equipment if you want to make horizontal effects. You have full control and can install the system anywhere in your concert lighting design. It is not only suitable to mount stage lights, but you can mount any stage props you want to make horizontal moving effects for. Simple mounting and easy to control via DMX.

Music and Concert Stage Design

The stage design and especially lighting design is a large part of creating the right expression for the performing band or artist. The best concert stage designs often include many different effects combined with the lighting effects into a beautiful common stage concert design. However, as seen above also a simple concert stage design can be very beautiful and create just the right atmosphere for the performer.

All elements of the concert stage design contribute to the overall perception of the show. Therefore, it is important that all elements including the concert lighting design are aligned to make the right expression for the show.

The Track Runner is a flexible and easy to use solution and can be incorporated in most concert lighting scenarios. Both complex and more simple solutions work for this and the DMX control contributes to make the most complicated solutions easier to achieve.

Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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