Rotating Effect for the Art Installation "Rainbow"

The art piece called “RAINBOW” is an installation combining music, literature and beautiful visual effects.

It is about identity and its multiple facets, and how many people are searching for the truth and only few reaches the end of their quest. The rainbow is a result of reflection of sunlight and so are we as human beings, so we are comparable to each other.

"Rainbow is a project that questions identity and its multiple facets. Comparable to rainbows, formed by the reflection and dispersion of sunlight, we all are the result of an infinity of reflections of the encounters that accumulate throughout history. Our identity is plural, but we are constantly confronted with a simplifying categorisation" - Nazanin Fakoor, artist.

Our DMX Rotator with Power Outlet was used in the installation to rotate colors from lights creating lights in many colours rotating around in the visualization of a rainbow. As seen in the video this creates a beautiful visual effect with many different colors showing. This resulted in a very intense effect in combination with the background music, and light effects.

With the rotating lights this effect shows exactly as intended with lights constantly moving, shifting form and color, to put the audience in the right place.

The installation was made by Nazanin Fakoor, with several artists and performers contributing in the process. It premiered at Lunalia Festival 2019 in Mechelen, Belgium.


(Photo credits: Moulay Guissé)


Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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