New groundbreaking possibilities with the Wahlberg Live Showroom on roadshow tour with Novatech.


“The Wahlberg Interactive Showroom, recently displayed during Novatech Creative Event Technology’s Entech roadshow, is an innovative and engaging display of the cutting-edge track, winch, and roll-down products that Wahlberg manufactures for the live entertainment and theatre industry. During the Entech roadshow held in October 2023, this unique live interactive showroom stole the spotlight as it presented a live video feed directly from the Wahlberg facility in Aarhus, Denmark.

What sets the Wahlberg Interactive Showroom apart is its ability to provide a real-time, virtual experience of their products in action, allowing AV and entertainment technology professionals at the Entech tradeshow to witness the impressive capabilities of Wahlberg's offerings. This immersive display is a game-changer for industry professionals seeking the latest solutions in the field.
The live video feed allowed visitors to explore the functionality and performance of Wahlberg winches and roll-down products. This dynamic presentation not only showcased the company's product range but also demonstrated their commitment to innovation and quality. It provided attendees with an invaluable opportunity to see how these products can elevate their live entertainment and theatre productions.

One of the standout features of the Wahlberg Interactive Showroom is its ability to bridge geographical gaps and bring the Wahlberg facility in Denmark directly to Australia. This level of interactivity and connectivity is a testament to Wahlberg's dedication to facilitating meaningful connections and providing an excellent customer experience.

In conclusion, the Wahlberg Interactive Showroom made a lasting impression on the Entech visitors to the Novatech stand. Its live, interactive approach to showcasing Wahlberg's products, combined with Novatech’s innovative and industry-leading, full-service production solutions, sets a new standard for how companies can engage with professionals in the AV and entertainment technology industry."

- Nell Kirsten, Novatech Creative Event Technology.


These are the words from Nell Kirsten from Novatech, and we can hardly describe it any better ourselves. Novatech has been touring the whole of Australia with their roadshow. The simple screen setup gave visitors and Nell Kirsten control of every Wahlberg product with an interactive live video feed.
As Nell Kirsten says: "sets a new standard for how companies can engage with professionals in the AV and entertainment technology industry."

Together with the Live Showroom, Novatech also displayed the Track Runner with Friction Wheel, Aswell as the Winch50, Winch25, Winch10 Cable and Winch3.

Novatech is Adelaide’s most trusted event hire and production company. With Wahlberg Motion Design in their equipment catalog.
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(Photo and video by Nell Kirsten, Novatech)



Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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