Maria Pagés Utopia Worldtour 2011 with Wahlberg Winch 10

The award-winning Spanish Flamenco-artist, Maria Pagés tours the world with her show, Utopia, in which a set of plastic tubes plays an important part.

The tubes are controlled by a number of Winch10 from Wahlberg.

"It is fair to say that our show Utopia, without the Wahlberg winches, would not have been possible. They are Niemeyer's soul in our piece" - Maria Pagés.

The show was according to Maria's website "... born from the encounter of María Pagés and the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer that led to the beginning of a collaboration between architecture and its universe and flamenco dance and choreography".

The tubes were controlled by a number of Winch10 from Wahlberg and illuminated by DMX controlled lamps. The precise positioning of the DMX winches made it possible to make fluent, soft movements of the tubes.

By DMX control from the lighting desk, the winches accommodated the beautiful coacgraphy and the movement of the Winch10 became an integrated part of the show with waves of the moving flexible tubes hanging above the dancers.

The high duty cycle of the winch and the pile wind technology made it possible for the Winch10 to run for long hours, without overheating.

16-bit DMX position allowed fine-tuning of every movement and the mechanical winch suddenly provided an organic touch to the great dance performance and choreography of Maria Pagés.

Maria Pagés was later in 2011 to receive the medal of Andalucia and the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts (Spain) in 2014.

Make sure to visit Maria Pagés website for more beautiful pictures from Utopia and watch the Wahlberg Winch10 in action in the video to the right.

If you wanna take a closer look at the Winch10 which was used, you can find it here.

Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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