Legendary QUEEN and Adam Lambert with Wahlberg Winches on "The Rhapsody Tour"


The band Queen with two of the original members Brain May (Guitar) and Roger Meddows-Taylor (Drums), tours on their "Rhapsody Tour" with Adam Lambert being the lead singer and the perfect alternative for Freddy Mercury.


Two of our Winch50 Double with Power and Cat5 were an effective part of the show design. The Winches were put in use during the beautiful laser show to the songs "You Take My Breath Away" & "Who Wants To Live Forever".

The Winches each suspended a large laser unit right over the band in the center of the stage. They supplied the other four large lasers on each side of the stage, filling out the blank space in the center and fulfilling the symmetrical "laser-picture". 

The Winches supplied both power and data feedback to the laser units and gave the light operator the ability to lower and retract the lasers when needed. In that way, they didn't block the large LED screen throughout the show. The lasers were lowered in the dark making them pop out of nowhere once they were activated. Before disappearing back up in the dark corners of the truss again.


(Watch the video above of the lasers being lowered in the dark).


Production by Paddy Hocken Productions.

Show design by Rob Sinclair.

The Winches were supplied by ER Productions. As well as Laser, Pyro, and SFX.





(Photos by ER Productions)


Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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