Lazarus - a musical by David Bowie with Wahlberg Motion Design playing a leading part. 

Just before his death, David Bowie completed his masterful, riveting musical show Lazarus. After playing to full houses in New York, London, Vienna, Hamburg, Bowie’s farewell salute is performed in Denmark, first at Aarhus Theatre, Autumn 2019 and secondly at the Royal Danish Theatre, Spring of 2020.  

Wahlberg Motion Design work as the main sponsor for the Lazarus musical, travelling between Denmark’s two biggest cities in 2019-2020.

The stage is set for Lazarus with a great amount of technical gear from Wahlberg Motion Design bringing together light, stage-design and the hallucinating universe of Bowie’s, in a way that win over both old and new fans of the musical genius.

From the press:

Aarhus Theater’s Lazarus is a strong hallucinating limbo-trip. A strong venture between acting, costumes, scenography that catches the heart of the musical. Stiftstidende *****

A colorful attack on all your senses – Aarhus Theatre has developed a form that works: colors, abstract scenography, strong lighting and great music…… Information

The visual design is what makes the show climax…. Jyllandsposten *****


Rotating mirrors and flying frames made possible with technical gear from Wahlberg Motion Design

Our Wahlberg Rotators with power outlet are the key product in the show, presented in an amazing number of 30 pieces, controlling 30 mirrors, each of them 8 meters tall. The 4 conductors out of the rotating shaft makes pixel mapping possible, creating a waterfall of light.
As the mirrors turn and the light changes, the atmosphere of the songs are enhanced in different ways.

The Track Runners with friction wheel is also adding motion design to Lazarus. In the show a number of big red frames work as set pieces and also as props, the actors can stand or sit in while singing. The Wahlberg Track runner system control  each frame via DMX, making it possible to position the frames individuelle, precisely and on timed cues.

Due to a strong dynamic partnership with lighting designer Mathias Hersland and the technical staff of Aarhus Theater, the products from Wahlberg Motion Design are used in a new way, that we want to share with our costumers from around the world.

Press the bannerpicture in the top of this case and you will be directed to a video interview with the lighting designer and set designer, giving you a strong idea of how Lazarus was developed at Aarhus Theatre with Wahlberg Motion Design units.

About Lazarus by David Bowie and Enda Walsh 

David Bowie was a genius who descended to earth like a bird from foreign climes. Before, like a supernova, he exploded back into orbit on a path to Mars, he transformed our planet into a gigantic dancefloor. His farewell show is the supremely original musical Lazarus.

Lazarus is about the alien Thomas Newton, who is trapped on earth. An androgynous creature who cannot escape this world and is also unable to return to his own kind. Submerged in gin, discount TV, sex and medical trials, Thomas Newton suddenly meets another lost soul who may succeed in setting him free. The story is inspired by Walter Tevis’ novel The Man Who Fell to Earth, which was also the basis for the film of the same name from 1976, in which David Bowie played the main role himself.

The show is based on a number of classic hits from Bowie’s back catalogue such as ChangesHeroesSound and VisionThis Is Not AmericaLife on MarsWhere Are We Now?Valentine’s Day as well as four entirely new songs, including the title track Lazarus, which was also featured on the album Blackstar.

See some of the spectacular pictures from the musical below.

Photo: ©Aarhus Teater DK 2019  / LAZARUS

Actors: Jacob Madsen Kvols / Sara Viktoria Bjerregaard/Simon Matthew and more

Set-design Christian Albrechtsen

Lighting design: Mathias Hersland

Foto: Emilia Therese


Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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