Lanterns Lighting up George Ezra’s tour in 2019

50 Lanterns controlled by Wahlberg Winches lighting up George Ezra’s tour in the beginning of 2019.

For George Ezra’s tour in the spring of 2019, special lighting effects were created by using 50 Wahlberg Winches in the lighting design. The Winches were carrying lanterns moving them up and down during several songs in the show.

The lanterns were furthermore switching colors as fitting during the show. The design was made by Bryte Design and Mike Smith.

Watch the video above, and see the stunning pictures below.

If you are looking for a similar effect in your show, have a look at the Winch 10 Cable, which was used for this design.


Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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