Wahlberg Winches in Eric Prydz 'HOLO' 2023

'HOLO' is a revolutionary concept taking show design to a higher level. Advanced EDM discipline with wowing holographic technology and magical 3D FX. The concept is one of a kind and is put together by the world-famous DJ Eric Prydz (UK), Creative Director Liam Tomaszewski, and the team at RES.


Nine Winch50 Double + Power and Cat5 were put in use for the setup, suspending a laser unit each. The Winches made it possible to lower and raise the lasers when needed. That way, they didn't block the 3D visuals on the huge LED screen throughout the show, and could be hidden back up in the ceiling.

The Winches could position certain lasers at exact points in front of the LED screen. Making the lasers work together with the video, and creating stunning visual effects. For example the night vision goggles. (Second clip in the video)

The Winches were also used to position centered lasers for a more symmetrical look. When all lasers were in use. (Last clip in the video)


The pictures and videos are from the concert at Tomorrowland 2023 (Freedom Stage). The winches toured with Eric Prydz on his 2023 'HOLO' tour, including shows at Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields and HÏ Ibiza.

Watch the video above, and see the Winches in action. 

(Photos by Tomorrowland, Eric Prydz)



Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects of stage props and lights.


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