Dancer in the Dark at Aarhus Teater 2018, Aarhus

The new play at Aarhus Teater, Dancer in the Dark, includes 25 of Wahlberg’s Winch10 Cable. They are applied in the scenic setup to lift and sink LED lights. Read more about the play and how Wahlberg DMX winches has contributed to the special scene design.

The play is based on the popular movie from 2000 by Lars von Trier but has been twisted and interpreted with newly composed music. The music is based on the sounds heard by the main character, Selma, who is blind and therefore experiences the world through her ears. The movie was well-recognized when it was released and even won the golden palms in Cannes back in year 2000. Now Aarhus Teater has made a live performance theater out of it with spectacular scene setup combined with new music design and great live performances.

Special stage setup

The scenic setup is as mentioned made among other things of Wahlberg’s Winch10 Cable. They are used in this setup to lift and sink long LED lights to light up the stage. Furthermore, the DMX winches are creating the right scenic environment to compliment the work of the actors. Two DMX Winches are used for each light and are programmed to lift and sink at the same height and speed, so the LED elements does not tilt.

By mounting two winches to each LED element, they can both lift simultaneously for straight movements or at angles if tilting light panels is needed. These winches lift exactly at same speed, so the panel doesn’t tilt. This can be done via the DMX control creates thus an extended number of possibilities of use. This is one of them. You can see the use of the winches on the pictures and the video.

Easy DMX Control

By applying Wahlberg Winches in the scene set up, this is also contributing to making the movements and motions on stage in a more efficient and easy way. The elements are all controlled via DMX control and can therefore be positioned as needed throughout the whole play. The electric cable that runs along with the lifting wire secures the lights to always be electrically supplied, and therefore can power any electrical equipment – in this case LED lights.

Wahlberg DMX winches in use

Winches that is being used for this scenic setup is our Winch10 cable. This is a stage winch perfect for lifting stage props, especially electrical equipment. The winch has a lifting capacity of 10 kilos and the power wire included in the lifting height. This makes it possible to lift and sink electrical equipment. This feature extends the use of the winch even more as it not only can lift and sink. It can also power electrical equipment making special effects on stage both easier and more spectacular at the same time.

The usage of the winch can be made in several occasions and it is only your own imagination that sets the limit. The winch is fully DMX controlled. This means that it can be programmed to create the motions and positioning at the times you want. The winch has a high level of accuracy – down to less than 1 mm. So, you can be sure to have the same position every time, according to your plan. In this situation the high level of accuracy made it possible to lift long light elements. The two winches can lift at the same speed and at the same positioning, so the light elements do not tilt, when lifting or when position is reached.

Winch10 Cable

The Winch10 Cable comes with both 4- and 10-meter lifting cable. This means that it can bee applied in situations where both short and longer lifting heights are needed. With 4-meter lifting cable you can quickly make short lifts of equipment of up to 10 kilos. This can be extended with the 10-meter version where you will reach maximum lifting height of the winch.

Dancer In The Dark ran at Aarhus Teater from October 30th to December 8th, 2019.

You can read more about our Winch 10 Cable w/10 m lifting cable here. If you are interested in these or any of our other products, please send us an email or give us a call. Contact us today.


(Pictures from Aarhus Teater by Emilia Therese) 

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