Wahlberg relocating to new premises

On October 15th, 2020 we are opening our new production site in the Aarhus-area, Denmark.

We are excited to have a lot of space for an up-to-date automated production,  as well as the right  environment for our R & D, and also a showroom and great office space for our sales and administration.   

The facilities will take Wahlberg Motion Design to the next level of innovation and entrepeneurship.

                                                                 October 2020

New products 2020 

Check out the four new products from Wahlberg Motion Design made this year.

We are proud to present a number of new innovative DMX automation products for stage, show, trade fairs and architecture and interior installations.

Follow the links in the titles below and find more information on each product:

Giga Rotator 

The Giga Rotator with power and Cat5 is ideal for rotation of big and heavy objects mounted downwards at a maximum weight of 1000 kg.

Medium Roll Down Slow

The perfect product in the middle in the family of roll downs from Wahlberg Motion Design.

The Medium Roll Down from Wahlberg features a new top limit switch system made for precise calibration.

AC Motor Controller 550 W

The AC Motor Controller (550 W) is an advanced tool for controlling mechanical movements.

Direction, speed and position are controlled from the lighting desk. Advanced configuration can be done using the the built-in LCD display.

Winch 50 double Power and Cat5

Lifting of objects up to 50 kilos. Double wire lifting for increased stability. Integrated Cat5 cable makes it perfectly suited for high-end lasers, LED screens, moving heads etc.

                                                                  August 2020

Outlet of genuine Wahlberg products 


Are you looking for genuine Wahlberg Motion Design products at a better prize, check out our outlet from this summer.

You can still find a number of different products from our portfolio. Look at the list here.

You are welcome to contact sales for any questions you might have on the products.

                                                        Updated, October 2020

Do you have an upcoming project? Do not hesitate to contact us, and hear more about how we can assist you in making your stage design ideas come true.


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We are a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects for stage props and lights.


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