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Dive into the playful world of product exploration! Navigate our extensive showroom online, all at your fingertips. you have complete command of our live demonstration room directly from your computer. use the faders to control each roller, and as you guide them, observe their movements through the live video feed streaming directly from our facility in Aarhus. 

OPEN to everyone - no sign-in required.



 "One of the standout features of the Wahlberg Interactive Showroom is its ability to brudge geographical gaps and bring the Wahlberg facility in denmark directly to Australia. This level of interactivity and connectivity is a tastament to Wahlberg's dedication to facillitatig meaningful connections and providing an excellent customer experience."

- Nell Kirsten,

Novatech creative Event technology

Our Newest Products

Check out the newest products from Wahlberg Motion Design.

We are proud to present a number of new innovative DMX automation products for stage, show, trade fairs and architecture and interior installations.

Follow the links in the titles below and find more information on each product:

Revolving Stage

 Rotate objects and stage props with position and speed control, directly from the DMX console, with Power and data connection in the rotation part.

The Universal revolve with spinning power and data
  • Position control, with high precision.
  • Variable speed - ultra slow up to high spinning speed.
  • Power and CAT6 transferred to the rotating top plate.

A DMX controlled revolving stage, with a simple, unique, and versatile construction. 2 wooden circles, 5 wheels, 1 simple DC motor, 1 motor controller with DMX interface - all together a simple and universal revolve.

Do you have an upcoming project? Do not hesitate to contact us, and hear more about how we can assist you in making your stage design ideas come true.


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We are a creative company devoted to the creation, innovation and design of products to create automatic DMX effects for stage props and lights.


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