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Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company devoted to the invention, design and production of
specialized technical solutions for theatre- and dance-companies, artists’ installations, promotion events, advertising and solo-artists.

 Our background is in the entertainment industry and we have developed a series of unique products that
solve many of the daily challenges in the stage area.  Products we continously develop in order to
strengthen  the quality and the specific needs of our individual clients from all over the world.

We worked with:

We worked with:
Drake, Jean-Michel Jarre, BMW, Luminaries of the Game – Superbowl, Eurovision Song Contest, VEVO Halloween, artist Phillippe
Parreno, The Danish National Theater, Renault car company, Scottish Ballet, Arup Architects, Night of the Proms, Miguel Bosé ,
artist Stuart Green – New Children’s Hospital -Perth, Zaha Hadid and many more.

Research and Development as well as our showroom is based in the old meatpacking district of Aarhus, Denmark.

Our production site is situated just outside Southern Aarhus in the city of Hoejbjerg.

Workshop photos by Birgitte Vembye
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