The strongest winch in the Wahlberg range.

The Winch 50 maintains a compact form while providing 50Kg (110 lb) of lifting strength.
Working alone or configured together, the Winch 50 can be used for flying dimensional set pieces or
rigging heavier weight drapery fabrics.

DMX control makes setting positions and limits quick and easy, and complex motion cues can be written and
recalled with ease.
Suitable for heavy weight fabric rigging, and for lifting scenic elements like flats, ceiling pieces,
picture frames and window units.
The Winch 50 is a great winch for lifting and moving stage props, screens, drapes, lights, etc. in and out of the stage area

Several winches can easily be connected as a chain, allowing for advanced and creative ways of making dynamic movements.
It takes only 3 winches to lift and move an object 3-dimensionally.
The winch is controlled from the lighting desk, and can thus be controlled
in interaction with the lighting to add dynamism to the show.
The winch has an advanced positioning system controlled from a 16 bit DMX channel and is highly accurate;
the winch stops within 1 mm.
The speed of the winch is also controlled from the lighting desk, and it is possible to set the upper and lower limits
of the movement of the winch, thus adjusting its range of motion.

Content of the Winch 50 package:

1 × Winch 50 (245) or Winch 50 Double (246)
1 × PowerCON NAC3FX-W female plug for power cable
1 × Instruction manual
1 × Cheat Sheet

Technical Details

Shipping Weight 31kg / 68.34 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 32 x 31 x 46 cm / 12.60 x 12.20 x 18.11 inches
Item no


Power supply

200-240 v AC 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

500 W

Power inlet / outlet

Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 NAC3PX (F/M)

Lifting height

12 m/ 39 ft

DMX control signal

DMX 512 1990 + DMX 512A / 6 channels used

DMX connection

5 pole XLR, Male & Female

Lifting capacity

50 kg (110 lb)

Lifting speed

9-45 cm/s (3.5-17.7 in/s)

Min. load

5 kg (11 lb)

Lifting wire specifications

Lifting wire : 3 mm (1/8 in) 19 x 7 galvanized steel wire ( EN 12385-4)
Min. breaking load (wire): 588 kg (5.79 kN / 1, 296 lb)
Wire safety factor: Minimum 10
Wire fleet: 83 mm (3.27 in)
Wire fleet angle: none

Mounting clamp

2 x 2 slim eye coupler 50 mm (2 in)


230V AC, 0.55 kW 2800 rpm

Duty cycle

Maximum 30 % at max. load
Minimum 23 min OFF after 10 minutes ON

Dimensions L-W-H

345 x 298 x 445 mm / 13.6 x 11.7 x 17.5 in


29.1 kg/ 64.2 lb

Name Language
  Manual Winch 50 - English Download
  Cheat sheet Winch 50 -English Download
  Data sheet Winch 50 version 245 - English Download
  Data sheet Winch 50 db- version 246 - English Download

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