The Winch 5  is a small and fast mini wire winch for lifting small objects on stage.
The winch is controlled from the lighting desk, and movements on stage can be controlled
in interaction with the lighting to add dynamism to the show.
The Winch 5 has a lifting height of 10 m (33 ft) and has a built-in positioning system
which is utilized in locating the desired position.
The positioning system is controlled from a 16-bit DMX channel and is highly accurate;
the winch stops within 1 mm.
The speed of the winch is also controlled from the lighting desk, and it is possible to set
the upper and lower limits of the movement of the winch, adjusting its span of motion.
Use multiple winches to create a beautiful choreography of large items, floating elements,
all synchronized and easily programmed via DMX.

Content of a standard Winch 5 package:

1×  Winch 5
1×  Manfrotto Slim coupler
1×  Mounting bolt, nut, and washers (M12) for slim coupler mounting
1×  Neutrik PowerCon NAC3FX-W female plug for power cable
1×  8 mm snap hook
1x  Instruction manual
1x  Cheat sheet

How can it be used?
Artists and performers all over the world have used the winches as technical devices for making curtains, lamps
and other elements move in formation or individually.
Please watch the documentation below in order to find inspiration, and have a look at our Portfolio :

Click and watch the video !


Winch 10 - Wahlberg Light & Motion Design - Maria Pages, Utopia_3
Utopia. Maria Pages. Click and watch the video !


Click and watch the video !

Technical Details

Shipping Weight 6kg / 13.23 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 26 x 24 x 30 cm / 10.24 x 9.45 x 11.81 inches
Item No.


Power supply

230 V AC 50 Hz (optional 120V/60Hz)

Power Consumption

120 W

Power inlet

Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 NAC3PX

DMX control signal

DMX 512 1990 + DMX 512A / 7 channels used

DMX connection

5 pole XLR, in & link

Lifting height

10m (33 ft)

Lifting capacity

5 kg (11 lb)

Lifting speed

Variable, 5-55 cm/s (2-22 in/s)

Snap Hook

8 mm (5/16 in) galvanized steel

Capability of overload test

Yes, at 125 % of maximum load

Wire fleet angle


Minimum load

0.4 kg (0.88 lb)

Maximum load

5.0 kg (11 lb)

Noise emission

~55 dB ( max measured noise at 1 m/ 3.3 ft)

Mounting clamp

Slim eye coupler 50 mm ( 1 31/32 in)


24 V DC, 28.9 Watt, IP30

Lifting wire

2 mm (5/64 in) galvanized steel wire

Minimum breaking load (wire)

2.75 kN ( 280 kg/618 lb)

Wire safety factor

minimum 10

Maximum expected wire lifetime

At 2.5. kg (5.5 lb) load Up to 80,000 cycles running up and down
At 5.0 kg (11.0 lb) load Up to 20,000 cycles running up and down


205 x 246 x 148 mm/ 8.07 x 9.67 x 5.83 in


5.2 kg (11.5 lb)

Name Language
  Manual winch 5 - English Download
  Cheat sheet winch 5 -English Download
  Data sheet winch 5 - English Download
  Fixture File Download
  Fixture File Download

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