Remote Controlled Platform

Easy movements and controlling your stage props around your stage.

Motor speed: 190 RPM / NO LOAD. 1,24 m/s
Battery operation time: 1,5 hour drive, 10 hour standby

For moving your stage items and controlling the movements via a wireless controller our Remote Controlled Platform is a great solution. Very user-friendly remote control.

It is built with two types of wheels, Off road or low profile. You can mount any stage object to the platform, and the high maximum load makes it possible to achieve almost any idea you want. Move your stage props seamlessly around the stage.

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The Remote Controlled Platform is a handy and easily controlled moving platform for entertainment, exhibition and trade fairs. There are many ways of which the platform can be integrated in your setup, and therefore also applies to many different scenarios.

You can control the platform via the wireless controller. All movements can be controlled by either the performer himself or from backstage by another person.

It is possible to mount any object to the platform within the load capacities as long as it is mounted properly to the platform.

Remote Controlled Platform for any stage object

Originally, the Remote Controlled Platform was developed for stage productions. With this product you can take any stage object and move it onto the platform to make moving effects around the stage for it.

However, the design and user friendliness make it very relevant to include it in other areas as well.

In the past, it has been used for movement of scenic elements and props as well as performers. Both prop and performer can be placed on the platform e.g. in a couch or chair on top of the platform.

It comes with two different types of wheels: off-road wheels and low-profile wheels. These wheels have advantages in different areas. The off-road wheels are taller (20 cm) however more susceptible for bumpy environments. The low-profile wheels are smaller (10 cm) and thus better to hide the wheels and platform.

Moving Stage Platform with Many Possibilities

The Remote Controlled Platform comes in a standard version built upon the before mentioned low profile wheels or off road wheels. The motor consoles are fit to the individual wheel size.

The size of the platform comes in a standard size of 70x70 cm. However, the motor console can easily be moved onto a custom-made platform with 4 screws and a little creativity. So, it is possible to make any element move with this system. See a small video of how it is done here.

It is fully remote controlled and makes movement of props and large items on stage possible. This is either done by the operators backstage or from the performers using the controller on stage.

The content of the Remote Controlled Platform package

1 x Remote Controlled Platform

1 x Remote controller Hitec Flash 7 or 8

2 x 12V Charger for platform (standard version)

2 x 2 cell Li-Fe battery for remote 6.4V 1400mAh (Flash 8 only)

1 x Charger for Remote (Flash 8 only)

4 x Standard AA Alkaline battery for remote (Flash 7 only)

1 x User manual

1 x Cheat sheet

Technical Details

Item number 320
Power supply Internal battery pack, 2 x 12 volt, 10 amp
Power consumption
Power inlet/outlet
Motor 2×24 volt DC motor, 70 Watt, 110 RPM
Motor speed 190 RPM / NO LOAD. 1,24 m/s
DMX control signal
DMX connection
DMX channels
Noise emission
Charger for battery 100-240 volt AC supply, charging with 5 amp
Charging time 1,5 hour for full charge
Battery operation time 1,5 hour drive, 10 hour standby
Max load - Low profile wheels 200 kg (441 lb)
Max load - Off road wheels 125 kg (276 lb)
Transmitter Digital RC for planes and cars, 2.4 gigahertz area
Transmitter range 100 m (328 ft)
Duty cycle
Ambient temperature
Moving length
Platform size 70 x 70 cm (27,5 x 27,5 in)
Driving speed
Shipping weight 28 kg (61.73 lb)
Shipping dimensions
Weight 28 kg (62 lb)
Dimensions 70 x 70 x Wheel Height cm (27,5 x 27,5 x Wheel Height in)
Dimensions - Low profile wheel Ø:10 cm (4 in), H: 12,8 cm (5 in)
Dimensions - Off road wheel Ø: 20 cm (8 in) H: 24 cm (10 in)


Type Name
pdf 320.805.003_Manual-Remote Controlled Platform Download

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