The Remote Controlled Platform is a handy and easily controlled moving platform for entertainment, exhibition and trade fairs.

The moving deck can be used for many purposes – movement of scenographic elements and props – and even performers; place him or her in a couch or chair on top of the platform.
All movements can be controlled by the performer himself or from backstage by the remote controller.

The Remote Controlled Platform comes in a standard version built upon either
low profile or off road wheels and motor consoles to fit the individual wheel size.

The motor consoles are placed between the drive wheels.

See Product Gallery for more visual information.

The moving stage wagon comes in a standard size, however, the motor console can easily be moved
onto a custom made platform with 4 screws and a little creativity.

The moving deck is remote controlled and makes movement of props and large items on stage possible
either from the operators back stage or from performers using the controller on stage.


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Technical Details

Shipping Weight 28kg / 61.73 lbs
Item no


Power supply

Internal battery pack, 2 x 12 volt, 10 amp

Charger for battery

100-240 volt AC supply, charging with 5 amp

Battery operation time

1.5 hour drive / 10 hour standby

Charging time

1.5 hour for full charge


2×24 volt DC motor, 70 Watt, 110 RPM


Maxspeed: 1.24 Meter / second.

Max load- low profile wheels

200 kg /441 lbs

Max load - off road wheels

125 kg/276 lbs

Low Profile wheel

Diameter: 10 cm/ 4 inch
Total height: 12,8 cm/ 5 inch

Off road wheel

Diameter: 20 cm/ 8 inch
Total height: 24 cm/ 10 inch

Wheel diameter

125 mm.

Platform dimensions

L-W-H 70 x 70 cm + wheel height


28 kg/62 lbs


Digital RC for planes and cars, 2.4 gigahertz area

Transmitter range

100 m/ 328 feet

Pricing and purchase options

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