Track runners in Hï Ibiza nightclub

Imagine a nightclub that can change its visual appearance and surroundings during the party. Our track runners were a part of this exciting project.

On Ibiza, in the former facilities of the recognized nightclub ‘Space’, the prestigious project of the new nightclub experience ‘Hï Ibiza’ was created.

The idea was to build a spectacular venue, ranked high on the scale of wow, where the guests could be sure to get an extraordinary experience.

The club e.g got a circular track of 65 m attached to the ceiling with 24 Track runner carriers running on it, each of them controlling a moving head lamp. High Scream, Uk is the design and production company for both Ushuaïa & . Wahlberg Motion Design is a subcontractor to S Group who is one of the rental suppliers for the project.

The club was able to create different artistic expressions through lights, shapes and different materials through out the evening and night depending on which DJ was playing.

To create these changing surroundings, various stage and show equipments like movingheads, moving trusses, pods and last, but not least, 24 track runners were used and joint together to get just the right effect.

Have a look at the video at the top to get a better insight of the project, and the use of our track runners, which helped create even more possibilities for movement of the lights.


Track runners on track in 'Hï Ibiza'
The track runners mounted on the track


The building site in progress
The building site in progress

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