Surtitle System

In the Surtitle System you can write text on a widescreen text display.

Texts are listed in a computer program and can be imported from an Excel or Word document.

The texts are in numerical order and can therefore be produced in sequence from the computer.

The text display can write in different colors with variable intensity/style, and you can choose the right/left or center position of the text.

The system is runs manually or automatically from a lighting desk.

The system is easy to use, with good overview of the manual execution.


software 2015 jpg

Software demo


Technical Details

Power Supply

100 – 240 VoltAC

Power Consumption

525 Watt


360* 16 characters LED display

Contral signal for display

Rs485, 2 wireS A – B

Operating system

PC compatible, XP/Vista/Win7

Harddisk size

min 512 MBram, 1GHz, CD-player

Connection to display

USB 2.0. or more

Port connection

USB 2.0 or higher

Control Connection

5 pole XLR, can be extended with DMX cable

Number of characters

2 lines with up to 38 characters in each line


H x W x L: 45 x 114 x 2800 mm

Name Language
  Surtitle Display - manual English 2016 Download
  Pamphlet - Surtitle Display - dansk Download

Pricing and purchase options

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