Winch 50

    Compact yet powerful winch offers dynamic movement of heavy stage objects
    and maximum versatility for rigging solutions.

    • Lifting capacity:    50 kg  (110 lb)
    • Lifting height:       12 m   (39 ft)
    • Lifting speed:       Variable: 9-45 cm/s (3.5-17.7 in/s)
    • Full control from the lighting desk
    • Advanced positioning system with high accuracy


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    Mini Roll Down

    Fast and small Roll Down system for textiles and such for theater, shows and stage.

    • Position, speed and operating range can be controlled using the integrated DMX interface
    • The system is available as a custom solution, with adaptation of curtain width ( 1- 6 m/ 3-19 ft)
    • Variable speed and precise positioning provide an easy and effective tool for curtain motion
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    DC motorcontroller

    • Perfect for controlling mechanical movements
    • All features controlled from the lighting desk
    • Many feedback options: analog, tacho, limit switches and more
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