The Winch 25 Curtain has a centered lifting point and thus no wire fleeting. This makes the winch especially suitable for lifting Venetian curtains and similar.

Winch 25 curtain is a wire winch for stage use, mainly for use in theatres, shows and concerts.
It lifts props and small set pieces in and out of the stage sphere at a maximum load of 25 kg up and down.
The lifting height is 10 m. The lifting speed is between 5 cm/s and 40 cm/s.

The winch is controlled by the standard DMX controlling signal, so a normal lighting desk can be used to control the movement, programmed as normal light.



Technical Details


Winch 25 Curtain

Item no.


Power supply

200-240V AC 50-60 Hz

Power consumption

300 Watt

Power inlet

Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 NAC3PX (F/M)

DMX control signal

DMX 512 1990 + DMX512A / 6 channels used

DMX connection

5 pole XLR, male & female

Lifting height

10 m (33 ft.)

Lifting capacity

25 kg (55 lb)

Lifting speed

Variable, 0.05-0.4 m/s (2-15.7 in/s)


230V AC, 0.25 kW 2 800 rpm

Own weight

16 kg (35.3 lb)


184 × 229 × 375 mm (7.24 × 9.01 × 14.76 in)

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