High-speed Roll Down

With the new DMX High-speed Roll Down, classic roll drop technology has been reinvented to make it easier to operate,
faster to install, and drastically more affordable.
Powerful AC motors with 16-bit DMX encoders are located inside the roll down itself.
Hanging the drum is simply a matter of mounting the half-clamps to your pipe, truss or overhead points.
Provide power and DMX and the installation is complete. No drive chains, limit boxes, or other gadgets to connect.
High-speed Roll Downs has a length of 1.5 m up to 6 m ( 4.9 f up to 19.6 f ).

An optional length of up to 12 m ( 39.4 f) is possible with a built-in splicing unit.

Position, speed and operating range can be controlled using the integrated DMX interface.
LCD display with simple menu for adjusting the DMX channels, motor parameters and functionality.

How it works:

The Roll Down is a large motorized aluminum tube, with mount for stage curtain or fabric.
The Roll Down is controlled from the lighting desk, via the integrated DMX interface.
Variable speed and precise positioning provide an easy and effective tool for curtain motion.
A 16-bit DMX channel controls the position, while a second channel controls the speed of the movement.
The movements can easily be implemented to a cue list in the lighting desk, and integrated into the show.

  • Preconfigured and ready to hang. No chains or limit boxes to install and tension
  • High speed operation for fast scene changes
  • Quickly configure multiple limit positions using precise 16-bit DMX control
  • Internal motor eliminates bulky drive boxes for a smaller profile and cleaner look
  • Mount multiple units end to end with minimal wasted space

The Roll Down system is available as a custom solution, with adaptation of curtain width, working height, speed and lifting capacity.
The Roll Down motor unit is a separate unit with a flange for mounting the curtain roll.
The curtain roll length can be shortened or extended as needed.

Contents of the Roll Down package:

1 aluminum tube with length to client’s specifications containing 1 Roll Down motor unit

1 Powercon female plug

4 mounting clamps

The high speed Roll Down system was developed for the Eurovision Song Contest in Norway (Oslo, 2010).

The curtain roller is DMX controlled allowing the lighting designer full movement control from the lighting desk.


DRAGON QUEST LIVE, Nippon TV, Japan, 2016 –
28 Roll Downs from Wahlberg in the show. Watch it and see the many options. Read more about the show in our Portfolio.




Technical Details

Shipping Weight 60kg / 132.28 lbs
Item no.



210-250 Vac 47-63 Hz

Power Consumption

Max 500 W

Power plug

Powercon male

Lifting speed

Variable, up to 1 m/s

Lifting capacity

Standard 25 kg (55,1 Lbs) optional version with higher lifting capacity

Lifting height

Standard 0 to 18 meters

Curtain width

Max 6 meters (19 ft) , can be adjusted as needed

DMX control signal

DMX 512 1990 + DMX 512A / 6 channels used

Mounting clamp

4 x half coupler, 50 mm (2 Inch)


H – W: 345 mm x 230 mm ( 9.1 x 13.6 in)

Length, Motor unit

250 mm (9,8 Inch) + working length

Noise level at max. speed

50 dBA measured for a 3 m unit at a 1 m distance from the motor unit, at full speed, without curtain

Weigth motor unit

40 kg ( lbs)

Weight 6 m unit ( ft)

40 kg +

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  Roll Down manual 2017- English Download
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