A small and handy actuator for linear movement.
The actuator has high precision positioning and runs with a speed of 40 mm/sec.
A good alternative to minor air cylinders, with their long hoses and valves and noisy compressors.
An actuator is used for linear movements and has a variety of uses in theater and stage production.
The actuator works like an air cylinder but is driven by a DC motor from which full motion control is achieved.

The speed is adjusted in a step-less manner.
The actuator has a built-in potentiometer, allowing for a controller to measure the position and stop at the exact desired location.
The actuator is easily connected to a DC Motor Controller and can then be controlled directly from the lighting consol.

Sophisticated movement can be programmed and integrated with the lighting and special effects of the show.

Possibilities of usage:
Opens doors, opens umbrellas, releases gates, moves the light etc.

Portable with wireless DMX:
The actuator runs on 24 volt so together with a battery and a wireless DMX, the programmed movements can be built into wireless, portable units.


Technical Details

Item no.


Power Consumption

3 Amp

Torque Push-Pull

20 kg (44 Lbs)

Moving length

100 mm (3,94 Inch)

Noise level at max. speed

48 dBA measured 1 meter from the motor

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