DMX motor unit

    Compact powerful DC motor in a finished enclosure for easy mounting

    Perfect for anyone with a need for simple, affordable and safe liftweight automation

    A spline shaft makes connecting everything from gears and pulleys to spiders and shaft collars simple

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    DMX snow machine

    Snow and confetti machine in one

    Full DMX-control and adjustable speed

    Wahlberg  Motion Design roll down system

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    DMX rotator with power outlet

    Unique Rotator with power outlet for spinning LED-screens, lamps and other electrical items

    • The Rotator is an advanced mirror ball motor with DMX control.
    • Variable speed and variable direction – Turns 360 degrees  with full DMX control
    • Mounts vertically or horizontally
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    Lifting Column DMX controlled

    Portable lifting column for stage, for tour and installations

    • For moving head lamps, platforms and light props
    • Built-in motorcontroller
    • DMX controlled from the ligting consol
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    Flight Cases – custommade for your products

    Keeping your Wahlberg products secured

    on tour and when kept in stock for the next event

    Solid flightcases built to fit your needs through skilled company working in the music industry



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    Projector shutter with on/off button

    Tool for shutting out waste light from the video projector with on/off button

    • Simple and easy solution with a motor-driven flap
    • Fully DMX programmable
    • Direct control from the lighting desk
    • The shutter is programmed as a conventional lamp and added to the cue list


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    Winch 1

    Very fast and small wire winch for moving light items

    • Lifting capacity:   1 kg      (2.2 lb)
      Lifting height:      12 m     (39 f 4,4 in)
      Lifting speed:      13 – 150 cm/s (5 in – 4 f & 11 in/sec)
      Use multiple winches to create beautiful choreography of floating elements moving small objects
      Full control from the lighting desk
      Advanced positioning system with high accuracy
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    Winch 10 cable w/ 4 m lifting cable

    A power wire winch for lifting lamps or other electrical equipment
    Useful in any situation where you need to provide power to a scenic element that is being flown.

    • Lifting capacity:   10 kg (22 lb)
    • Lifting height:       3.8 m (13 ft)
    • Lifting speed:       Variable; 5-30 cm/s. (2-11.8 in/s)
    • Full control from the lighting desk
    • Advanced positioning system with high accuracy
    • Grooved drum for smooth and silent movement
    • Seamlessly provide power to scenic elements
    • Small form factor allows the winch to be mounted practically anywhere
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    High-speed Roll Down

    Large Roll Down  system for fabrics in entertainment

    • Uniquely, the motor is fully located within the roll tube itself
    • The Roll Drum is available in custom lengths
    • Preconfigured and ready to hang. No chains or limit boxes to install
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    Remote controlled platform for stage

    Moving deck – bühnenwagen – for scenographic elements

    Remote control – userfriendly

    Standard size or custom made

    Choise of wheels : off road or low profile



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