Mini Roll Down

    Fast and small Roll Down system for textiles and such for theater, shows and stage.

    • Position, speed and operating range can be controlled using the integrated DMX interface
    • The system is available as a custom solution, with adaptation of curtain width ( 1- 4 m/ 3-13 ft)
    • Variable speed and precise positioning provide an easy and effective tool for curtain motion
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    High-speed Roll Down

    Large Roll Down  system for fabrics in entertainment

    • Uniquely, the motor is fully located within the roll tube itself
    • The Roll Drum is available in custom lengths
    • Preconfigured and ready to hang. No chains or limit boxes to install
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    DMX Snow Machine

    Crete falling snow effects indoors, in studios, at party venues, for your catwalk show, in concerts and theater with the DMX Snow Machine.

    • Snow and confetti machine in one
    • Full DMX-control and adjustable speed
    • Wahlberg Motion Design Roll Down system
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