DMX Rotator

    Unique Rotator for spinning objects with variable speed and variable direction.

    • Heavy duty construction allows for rotating larger set pieces.
    • DMX cues can create precise and repeatable rotation and positioning effects
    • Versatile for a wide range of effects with both vertical and horizontal mounting options


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    DC Motor, 24 Volt, 110 R/min

    A standard gear motor that can be used in many different installations.
    The motor has a fine steady speed for movement of minor objects.

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    Actuator, 100 mm stroke, 27 mm/sec 30 kg

    A small and smart actuator for linear movement.
    The actuator has high precision positioning and runs with a speed of 40 mm/sec.
    A good alternative to minor air cylinders, with their long hoses and valves and noisy compressors.

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    DC motorcontroller

    • Perfect for controlling mechanical movements
    • All features controlled from the lighting desk
    • Many feedback options: analog, tacho, limit switches and more
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