Moesgaard mechanical solutions
* for interior, scenographic design
* for movement of objects in various
multi-media exhibition features


Gladiator exhibition – temporary – spring 2016

Stone Age – permanent collection – october 2016


Moesgaard mechanical solutions
Wahlberg Motion Design is supplying technical solutions to the recent exhibitions at the Moesgaard Museum
for archaeology in Aarhus, Denmark.

The museum is communicating the history through a wide variety of media and scenographic settings in a very
audiencefriendly way.
The archaeological exhibitions display the lives of the species of the past through the use of narratives and
settings with light, sounds and animations. Among the impressive finds and artefacts from around the world,
you find some of the best preserved people from the Bronze Age, who were buried in oak coffins in Borum Eshøj near Aarhus.
The mythical bog setting of the exhibition allows the audience to witness offerings of the Iron Age and meet
the world’s best preserved bog body, Grauballe Man.
In addition, the exhibitions display amazing weapons pieces from the Iron Age as well as provide the opportunity to venture on a journey with
the Vikings from Aros – the former name of the city of Aarhus.

The museum reopened in 2014 in an impressive building by Henning Larsen Architects.

Wahlberg Motion design supplied the mechanical solutions for the Stone Age exhibition for features such as story of the iceage changing,
pop-upfigures and of a groundbreaking solar eclipse.

For the Gladiator exhibition we developed a rack for the Velariaum and the mechanism to control it,
as well as the hoist for a cage for wild animals for the gladiator fights.


Moesgaard mechanical solutions Moesgaard mechanical solutions


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