Wahlberg Winch 1 – in great numbers –  made the event special by the work of Stage Kinetik

From 30 minutes into the show the winches from Wahlberg Motion Design work out several different tableaus controlling light spheres in various set-ups.

Catch a glimpse of it on the videostills below – or watch the whole video.






880 winches and LED-illuminated spheres with a size of 40 centimeters

Different scenarios could be represented in a unique way, by means of the sphere system comprising 880 winches, to which LED-illuminated spheres with a size of 40 centimeters were attached.
This “kinetic ballet of spheres” enabled the visualization of different shapes and movements and to illuminate them in various colors.

As a the 2 millimeter wide rope of the winch was too small to establish a common power and signal transmission, a system comprising a battery and a DMX radio
receiver was designed. Thus, it was not only possible to move each sphere individually, but also to change the color of all 880 spheres independently or to switch the spheres on or off.
The control of the spheres was affected by means of a programmable lighting control desk.

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